BD360 Smartwatch Review: A Modern Gadget Available for Everyone

In this day and age of smart technology, introducing smartwatches was the next logical step. Of course, watches that have similar functions as their phone counterparts have to come affordable, and that’s where the BD360 smartwatch comes into play. Retaining most of the features that come with more expensive devices, BD360 excels with its affordability and user-friendly interface. We have not only based our choice for today’s review on the fact that this is an excellent low-priced smartwatch but also that this model is currently at a significant discount.

BD360 smartwatch in standby mode, showing the dials

Take a look at the features as we take the time to check this watch for all that it is worth. If you see something you like, or if you simply acknowledge the fact that smartwatches are more than just fashion accessories, be sure not to miss the BD360. We shall give this wrist gizmo the same treatment we would for any device we feature, so naturally, let’s start with the specifications list.

Disclaimer – Due the technical malfunction, we’re unable to deliver images of the device (replaced by the pictures from the company’s official site). This will be fixed soon. XiaomiToday Team

BD360 Specifications

Type Smartwatch
Name BD360
Screen 1.22 inch
Screen resolution 240 x 240
Camera 0.3MP
Compatible OS Android, IOS
Bluetooth Yes, v3.0
Connectivity Yes, Single Micro SIM slot
Network type GSM
Supported Languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Thai
Product weight 60g
Product size 4.40 x 4.40 x 1.20 cm / 1.73 x 1.73 x 0.47 inches


What you get in the packaging
1 x BD360 smartwatch
1 x charger cable
1 x English Manual

Packaging is quite basic as it provides you with the smartwatch, a charging cable and a manual written in English. Considering the price and the type of the device, we did not expect much more, but it is nevertheless kind of anti-climactic to find only three items in the box.


The overall design of the BD360 is quite simple which is a plus in our review as more and more smartwatch designers are making them too bulky and too complicated for efficient use. The usual strap along with an oval looking screen gives this watch the unmistakable look of an ordinary wrist watch. This approach is quite refreshing as oppose to the square-shaped smartwatches currently on the market.

The band itself is made from rubber which is a downside because it seems it can’t be detached from the casing. The option of removing bands is not a complicated process to incorporate so we consider this a fault of the company. The metal casing is decently light and thin which could be a big bonus if you are a sportsperson.

BD360 smartwatch side view on a white background

The “face” of the watch is dominated by the screen, and there are two buttons on the side along with a capacitive home button on the bottom.

You can choose from rose gold, light gray or black color variation depending on your style and interest.


BD360 houses a capacitive 1.22-inch screen with the resolution of 240 x 240p. Evidently, it is not the best one out there, but it is in level with the price of the BD360. The colors are simple, but we must praise the brightness level which behaves well even in direct sunlight.

Being a touchscreen, the display might need some adjusting to because of its size, especially if you have never had a smartwatch. Luckily, the interface is simplified and allows for the maximum usage of the 1.22inch display.

Performance and Capacity

With the MTK2502 and only 32MB of RAM, we never did expect anything much in the performance department from the BD360. We are aware that smartwatches are not gaming platforms, but 32MB of RAM is still inadequate to get the fastest response time possible. With this being said, the features available are toned down, so there is not too much strain on the on the CPU and RAM units.

128 MB of internal storage capacity might seem as unreasonably low, but it is actually quite enough for the few apps that are available on this smartwatch. Smartwatches aren’t exactly data storage devices, but if you have the need for more space, you can upgrade the capacity with a MicroSD card (up to 16GB).


Although we have noticed various companies installing cameras on their smartwatches, we must say that we are not thrilled with this idea. The cameras are low quality and taking the pictures can be somewhat tricky.

With a 0.3MP camera, BD360 is no exception and even though it may seem fun to take pictures in the style of James Bond, you won’t be pleased with the results. Daylight pictures are intelligible, but because of the lack of any flash or light, nighttime pictures are out of the question.


Smartwatches are generally perceived as secondary devices that are able to sync with a smartphone. BD360 uses the Bluetooth v3.0 to pair with any Android or iOS-based device. You have to be careful with older gadgets because syncing can only be done if the devices have the same or higher version of Bluetooth.

Once synced with a smartphone via Bluetooth, this watch has a couple of special features. BD360 can display notifications and keep logs of calls and messages. Another neat feature is the anti-lost alert that activates an alarm when your phone is out of Bluetooth range from the smartwatch. The average distance is 50m.

BD360 smartwatch with an incoming call

One of the possibly greatest things about the BD360 is that it can function as a phone. It has a slot for a Micro SIM card which means it can receive calls and messages on its own, regardless of the connection with the smartphone. The watch covers GSM frequencies only (850/900/1800/1900MHz). It is a shame that neither the 3G nor 4G networks are supported, but that may be a bit out of reach considering the price range.


The battery featured on the BD360 has 320mAh capacity. The battery is non-removable, so any malfunction will have to be reported to a licensed technician. We are pleased to report that even though small in size, the battery lasted a full day and a half of heavy usage before giving out. The fact that this watch has a small display and few power-draining features certainly helps this otherwise small battery to be sufficient.

Additional Features

BD360 smartwatch messaging icons

BD360 is packed with an array of awesome features. Besides supporting video, music and picture formats, the alarm function and the sound recorder are also there. The Pedometer (tracks your steps) and the Sleep Monitor (tracks your sleeping patterns) are very useful for fitness aficionados.

Pros & Cons

We have gone through all of the major features the BD360 has to offer, so it is time to weigh down the pros and cons of this smartwatch.


  • Very affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Solid battery life
  • Micro SIM slot


  • Non-changeable band
  • Old version of Bluetooth
  • Low storage capacity
BD360 smartwatch dialing display

Our opinion

The BD360 has proven itself to be quite an interesting gadget considering it simplicity and low price. We’ve had a lot of fun with it in the office, and we are more than happy to recommend this smartwatch to any tech-lover out there. Maybe not the pinnacle of technology, but BD360 is definitely a place to start the introduction of future devices.

If you liked this smartwatch and are considering purchasing it for yourself or as a present, follow the link bellow to get a special flash sale discount. Hurry, as the deal will not go on indefinitely.

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