Banggood Summer prime sale: Valuable Products on Sale

It is always the better time to buy the gadgets which you love. And it is even the best when you get the discount on your favorite products. Now this is the best time of the year, when you get the best prices on the various products introduced in the year. We are in the second half of the year and we have witnessed the launch of around hundreds of new products. And now it is the time to get all the high price products at the best price. To make this dream come true, Banggood have brought this sale for all the customers like you. The Banggood summer prime sale is the time just after the mid-year when you get the can get ready for the next half of the year and choose the best products of the first half.

To make you choose the list of the best products from the first half of the year, here we are to make a list for the most sold and the flagship models from various companies. We will start the articles with the smartphone and go through the best drone and outdoors and finish with the smartwatches of the year 2019.

Let’s dive in:

To start with the list of the Banggood Summer prime sale, we will start with the first launched flagship product from the Xiaomi which is Xiaomi mi 9. Here are our reviews and the buy link for the product.

Smartphones sale Banggood Summer Prime sale:

Xiaomi Mi 9:

The multifeatured smartphone which runs on the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor comes with the triple rear camera. The phone is available with the dual sim and the slim glossy body. The screen of the phone is 6.39” and the resolution of 1090+3040 FHD pixels with the water drop screen.

banggood Summer Prime Sale

Now you can buy the Xiaomi Mi 9 from the banggood for just $359.99 using the coupon code: BG7SM9

Xiaomi MI 9T or Xiaomi K20:

Xiaomi Mi 9t is the great smartphone which is also called Xiaomi redmi K20. The phone comes with the 6.39 inch screen display along with the 1080X2340 pixels. The smartphone runs on the Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon n855 processor. And the internal memory of the phone is 64GB which can be extended to the 128GB.

xiaomi mi 9t

Now the phone is available at just $329, you can grab your product from the Banggood Summer prime sale by just clicking on the link below.

Oneplus 7 Pro:

The best smartphone of the year is said to be Oneplus 7 Pro as the company has brought the new tech and great changes to the smartphone.  The phone runs on octa-core processor with latest qualcomm snapdragon 855. The best thing is the phone comes with the pop-up selfie camera which will impress you.

The new Oneplus 7 Pro is now available at just $629.99 using the code: BGOP7879


Xiaomi Note 7:

The Xiaomi Note 7 comes with the 6.3 inch screen and the internal memory of 64GB and 4GB RAM. The phone has 13MP front camera and the back camera of 48MP + 5MP.

The phone is now available for just $167.80 using the code: BG7SRN7

Banggood Summer prime sale (Drones):

Xiaomi Fimi X8 Se:

The best drone of the Year 2018 and still the most sold drone of this year was launched last year and is leading the market. The drone is the alternative of the DJI MAVIC AIR which is a lot more costlier than the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE RC Drone

Flying limit altitude: 500m

Maximum Flight Time (no wind): About 33mins (at 8m/s constant speed)

Battery : 3900mAh lithium battery


Now you can buy this drone for just $409 with the coupon code: BGFIMIX8


Xiaomi Fimi A3:


The xiaomi Fimi A3 drone was launched last year with the screen resolution of 480X272. The drone comes with the screen of 4.3inch The maximum distance of the drone is about 1km and the flying altitude of the drone is 500meters.

fimi a3

Now the Xiaomi fimi A3 drone is available at just $229 from Banggood Summer prime sale using the code : BGFIMIA329

Hubsan H117S Zino:

The best drone from the Hubsan is the great competitor to the Xiaomi Fimi A3. The hubsan zino can also fly about the distance of 1Km and the altitude of the drone is also same about 500 meter. The great battery of the drone will help you to use it for around 23 minutes.

hubsan H117S vs Fimi A3

Now the Hubsan Zino is available for just $230 from Banggood Summer prime sale using the code: BGH117S23

To check out more drones from different companies here we have provided the link. You can click on the link to get the best price on the drones.

Banggood Summer prime sale (Projectors):


Xiaomi Mi 4k laser projector:

At the end of the 2018, Xiaomi has come up with the new 4k laser projector which is equipped with the great features. The projector comes with the great quality plastic giving the great look. The projector will expand your video upto 150 inches. You just need to place your projector 50cm away from the wall.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector 4K

The Xiaomi Mi 4K laser projector is now available at just $1949.99 from Banggood Summer prime sale.

Xiaomi Wemax One pro:

The world’s first ultra short projector which comes with the advanced laser display technology. The Xiaomi wemax one pro provides the 150 inch of the HD quality images. Along with this display the projector also includes the speakers. You get the 3000:1  native contrast and brightness of 7000 lumens.


The projector is now available for just $2175 on this Banggood Summer prime sale.

Above we have provided you with the list of the best smartphones, drones and projectors of 2019 and for the best smartwatches, cameras and other major products you can also visit the below provided link from Banggood Summer prime sale to get the best prices on the most valuable products.



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