Banggood 13th Anniversary has Just Kicked Off!!! Rush to Grab the Deals

Hey guys, do you like online shopping and wanna amazing discount offers on all deals? This occasion is going to be the greatest charm for you. The biggest Chinese online warehouse Banggood is all set to celebrate its 13th anniversary mainly in the next month.

Celebrations have already kicked off right from August 27 with the warm-up session. In fact, the occasion is the biggest promotion in 2019 and approaching in just a few days.

Further, the much-awaited days are from 9th to the 12th of September. So, be ready and never let the opportunity without hitting the biggest and fascinating deals, offers, giveaways and other events.

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Banggood is always a prime choice for online shoppers, especially in China. It is well-known for its best price deals in each category and also brings timely offers for all sections. This time maximize your savings again and of course, you can start your Christmas shopping chores right now.

The next few weeks are going to be full of colors for Banggood customers globally. It is the time for absolute savings and to add bonanza offers in the kart. All you need to visit and stay connected with us and see what is going to amaze you with attractive discount prices.

Jump in and examine a wide range of awesome happening during the Banggood 13th anniversary. Next is the full detail about the whole event program. Adjust your timing and click on the right product at the right time.

When is the Banggood 13th Anniversary?

Well, the actual dates of the anniversary are from 9th of September to 12th September. But as you can see the excitement, we have planned nearly a month for various festivities. Our offerings criteria need time to gain users with tremendous discount offers and deals.

So, the whole event show is pre-planned as you can see in the following lines. Users can read and use it to guide themselves through the whole promotional program or event.

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banggood 13th anniversary

Banggood has categorized its mega ceremony event i.e. 13th anniversary in the following stages:

  • Warmup – August 27 to September 9
  • Blowout – September 9 to September 12
  • Encore – September 12 to September 18

You can regard it as our special or core quality that we celebrate each year anniversary with more discount offers and games than the year before.

Correspondingly, this year we are again full of energy and excitement to make this mega event unforgettable, more wins and more fun social ways.

Now, we are sure about your eagerness to know what will be the offerings, discount deals, and other fantastic things users are going to grab.

Without wasting a further second, let’s quickly check the awesome things to happen on the occasion.

Share a Deal to Win a Coupon

The most prominent way to catch 8 to 10% off during the 13th Banggood anniversary program. All you need to share a deal with your friends or other persons. This task will fetch you a coupon to use it for discount purpose.

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These are the site-wide coupons mean to be applicable through each product category. Generally, this offer misses some items but you can grab enough sorts of products to cater to your needs. For more info, do check the coupon.

Invite Friends to Share $10,000

This is another amazing invite and share game to be $10,000 holder. The case is that we are offering $10,000 to the top teams during the Anniversary. In the Share and Invite event, you need to start a team and invite as many people to join your team as you can.

After all, the top 5 teams will share the prize money and the top team will get $5,000 to share. Moreover, it is absolutely free to join any team and all have equal chances to win.

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Snatch $0.01

Here we have scheduled an interesting hot cent snatch deal during the anniversary. You need to snatch the cent before the special anniversary days to be eligible for this year’s hottest features.

If you haven’t snatched a cent yet, do it now, otherwise, you will miss this fabulous opportunity to win the mega discounts.

Points Mall Carve Up 100 Million Points

Learn one thing overall that you need a team to have a grip over various discount opportunities. In this section, again you need to build a team to win crystals. The more crystals your team wins the more the share of points your team will get.

Further, 100,000,000 points will be divided among various teams. With some efforts, you can add a sufficient amount of points into your account.

Pro Tip: you can bind up your tight group of friends to build snatch, points mall and $10,000 carve up teams easily.

Daily Hot Deals

Meanwhile, we have also some hot gears in the basket with astonishing price tags. Be active because the quantity is limited for the best deals and do check regularly and click the deal you want. Get ready for the deals unlocking.

New User Promo

We have something for everyone. New users will get some bonus benefits this year like a 2% cashback and $200 gift pack etc.


Similarly, old ones have a great opportunity to join their husbands, wives, friends to enjoy the benefits together.

Banggood 13th Anniversary: Schedule

Here is the schedule program below:

Ongoing Throughout the Anniversary

  • $10,000 Carve Up
  • Anniversary Brand Sale – Up to 75% off
  • New User double benefits
  • Fashion Collection – Any 3 for $50

Warmup Highlights

  • 30 – Toys Hobbies and Robots Sale Blowout
  • 2 – Brand sale under $9.99
  • 3 – Home and outdoor buy 1 get 1 free
  • 4 – Super tech deals up to 29% off

Blowout Sale Highlights – 3 Days Only!

  • PayPal cashback – Spend $33 get $3 off, spend $99 get $10 off.
  • New arrival flash sale
  • 12% off sitewide
  • $.99 and 50% off Snap Up deals
  • Toys and hobbies + Home and outdoor 9% off and free orders
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