Baidu’s President, Qi Lu, could be joining to Xiaomi

Recent rumors indicate that the future Vice President of Baidu could resign his position as President to join Xiaomi.

Rumors come and go whenever people talk about the new developments that Xiaomi plans to bring to the market. Some are generated by certain hints that directors throw in announcements, others are no more than simple assumptions. But there is a recent rumor that undoubtedly arouses much curiosity. There are suspicions about that the Chairman of the Baidu group, Qi Lu, could be joining to Xiaomi.

Suspicions began when the company Baidu announced that its President and COO, Qi Lu, could not continue working full time. This was justified by personal and family reasons, but without giving details about it. Therefore, starting in July, he will acquire fewer responsibilities as Vice President.

A new member in the Xiaomi team?

Due to the good relations between both companies, it began to speculate why Qi Lu changed position. Rumors have it as a potential partner in Xiaomi’s recently created mobile global artificial intelligence division. There is even talk of the influence that would have on the ecological chain of Xiaomi, one of the most important divisions of the company.

President of Baidu, Qi Lu, could be part of the Xiaomi team

So far, there is no official announcement from any of the companies involved. The only answers indicate that these rumors are what they are, rumors. So we will have to wait for what may happen in the coming months.

Lei Jun and Qi Lu represent the great alliance between Xiaomi and Baidu

In 2017, Baidu and Xiaomi announced a strategic alliance for projects based on the Internet of things and artificial intelligence. At that time, they commented that they were exploring new innovations for voice recognition through Baidu’s virtual assistant DuerOS.

Qi Lu and Lei Jun represent the great alliance between Xiaomi and Baidu

With this alliance, Xiaomi could also take advantage of Baidu’s control of the online search market. In addition to the payment platforms, streaming services, O2O, among other platforms that connect to this Chinese search engine. On the other hand, for Baidu it would be beneficial to participate in the market of robotics, home automation, and other Xiaomi products, promoting DuerOS.

Qi Lu and Lei Jun represent the great alliance between Xiaomi and Baidu

At that time, the Chinese government started the initiative to promote the domestic market with AI and IoT. A sector that could be valued at 150 billion dollars by 2030. Therefore, Qi Lu said that this pact would lead to the next stage of development of artificial intelligence in China.

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And in January 2018, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Qualcomm announced 3 products at CES 2018. As was it planned, these devices have DuerOS as default artificial intelligence software:

  • Little Fish VS1 Smart Video Speaker, camera, and screen for video calls with built-in speaker.

  • Popln Aladdin Projector Lamp that unifies three functions: audio, bulbs and a smart projector. Its release date is scheduled for July 2018.

Xiaomi Popln Aladdin Projector Lamp

As we can see, the union between Baidu and Xiaomi has fulfilled the development of technology in the field of IoT and AI. So, if the Qi Lu rumor integrating into Xiaomi is true, he could generate new direct proposals for the Mi Ecosystem.


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