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How to Backup SMS from Xiaomi Smartphone to PC

SMS or text messages are certainly something that every individual uses for corporate or personal purposes. Not to mention, most of our important alerts and notices are received via messages such as bank statements, credit card reports, hearth reports, balance statements and on top of all, the lovely messages from our dear ones. Recently, many users are experiencing severe SMS loss/damage due to the increment of viruses/malwares in apps and online files that are downloaded daily.

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So, it should be an utmost necessity to backup our messages on a regular basis. However, most brands use different methods to back up messages and in this article, we will discuss how to backup SMS from Xiaomi or other Android smartphones brands to our personal computers.

Method 1: By Using Mi Suite Program

Mi Suite is recently released to help Xiaomi users to backup and restore data from their smartphones. It is basically like Nokia PC Suite or any other suite that are provided by their respective brands. Let’s see how this program works to backup SMS from Xiaomi to computer.

Step 1. Download Mi Suite program from the official website and install it on your computer. For now, it is only available on Windows computers.

Backup SMS

Step 2. Run the program as administrator and connect your Xiaomi phone to PC with the help of a USB data cable.

Step 3. Once the phone is connected to PC, your phone model will appear on the main screen of the tool and you will be able to see every single file from your smartphone whether its photos, videos, notes, messages, contacts or any other miscellaneous data.

Step 4. From your Xiaomi smartphone, click on “Screencast” so that you can backup the device to PC now.

Step 5. Finally click on “Back up now” and locate the folder on your local driver.

Step 6. Name the backup file to anything to desire and finally save the backup file on your PC.


  • Too heavy program, takes several MBs of space on your PC.
  • Not recommended since most backup files can be restored only on the specific brand from which the backup was created.

Method 2: By Using Third-party Android Manager

Another way to backup messages from Xiaomi smartphone to PC is by using a smartphone to computer data transferring tool. After testing myriad data transferring program, we have discovered that TunesBro Android Manager is the best tool available on the Internet to this date.

Android Manager is a desktop data-transferring program that helps to transfer any kind of data from any smartphone brand to PC without any hassle. Basically, you can connect any smartphone to PC using a USB data cable and then you can choose what kind of data to backup to your PC. You can backup above 19+ data types including messages, contacts, pictures, videos, documents, apps and so on. Moreover, you will be able to restore the backup file on any Android smartphone later.

Let’s see how this program works to backup SMS from Xiaomi smartphone.

Step 1. Install this program on your PC by accepting its terms and conditions. The trial version is freely available and can be downloaded directly from the official website.

Step 2. Connect the Xiaomi phone to PC but make sure to enable USB debugging mode first if the phone is not detected by the tool.

Step 3. Click on “One-Click Backup” and choose “SMS” from the given list.

Step 4. Choose the output folder where you want to save the SMS backup file.

Step 5. Finally, click on “Backup” and track the backing up progress in real-time.


Success! You have now backed up your SMS collection to PC and now may restore them on any device using the same tool again.


Again, we cannot stress this more but backup your SMS or even your entire device once a week. Depending on the usage of your phone, you may even reduce the frequency of when you choose to backup your device. Moreover, you should also store a copy of your backup file on cloud servers like Google Drive or Dropbox in case, your PC is also crashed. TunesBro indeed helps to backup messages but it even assists to backup other data types like contacts, photos, music, files and other data types. Additionally, if you have any issues then don’t forget to contact the support staff as soon as possible to get immediate assistance.


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