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Back to School – What are the Most Useful Gadgets for Students in 2019?

Going back to school after an awesome summer vacation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Especially when you start to think about all the cool gadgets that could become part of the back-to-school package. You’re going to do a lot of shopping anyway so make sure to save some extra cash for these awesome gadgets that you’re actually going to need and use for the upcoming months. So, don’t wrap up that shopping list just yet. First, take a look at some of these gadgets that will make the school year a lot easier for you.

Reusable Notebook

Not only that you will be able to take notes the smart way, but you’re also saving nature in the process. With the Rocketbook REusable Smart Notebook you can take notes and then scan them through a unique QR code. Upload the notes to an endless array of possibilities – Google Drive, email, cloud, Dropbox – and then just wipe the pages with a damp cloth to clear everything and get it ready for another intensive session of note-taking. You’re saving a lot of paper and, in the long run, you’ll also save a lot of money for not buying new notebooks all the time.

Charging Backpack

Don’t you just hate it when towards the end of a long day at school, all your devices are either shutdown or on low battery and you can’t enjoy any of your favorite leisure activities? No matter if you want to enjoy some online pokies real money or watch the most recent episode of your favorite TV series, using this rechargeable backpack and the amazing 10,000 mAh it brings, you can always make sure your devices are always ready to go. It comes with a padded interior that is perfect for a laptop and multiple charging ports for all your devices. While it’s not the cheapest gadget out there, playing the 2 in 1 role saves you a lot of funds.

Flexible Phone Mount

No matter if you want to enjoy an episode of your favorite anime or you’re catching up on last week’s notes taken with the reusable notebook we mentioned earlier, this flexible phone mount will allow you to always have the phone in front of you, without using your hands. It can be adjusted to any position you can think of and the table-mount allows you to attach it easily.

Audio Recorder

If taking notes feels outdated even when using the reusable notebook, you have a viable alternative. Why stress your wrist and write all day when you can simply record what the teacher is saying with a smart audio recorder. The wi-fi connection allows you to easily upload the recordings on the cloud and share it on various devices so that you can go through the previous lessons even when you’re jogging or while you’re taking a shower. Of course, this also means you might be missing out on some stuff that are written on the whiteboard, but you can always combine the audio recorder with the reusable notebook for perfect coverage.

Are You Ready for School?

Of course, the list of useful gadgets can go on, depending on what you’re studying. There are plenty of electronic tools out there that can make your life easier and help you save time while working on projects or studying. Always make sure you do everything possible to get as much free time as possible.


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