Babahu X1 – The World’s Smartest Automatic Toothbrush

We have seen too many products that have become smarter. That’s why there is the phrase ‘smart’ in front of any tech gadget. This is also correct for the toothbrushes. The market is full of various electric toothbrushes. But only a few of them are smart. What if we tell you there is a special product that has been put on Indiegogo crowdfunding and is promoted as the world’s smartest automatic toothbrush. Agree this phrase is quite binding and we should find out what features make it so intelligent.

Babahu X1

The most interesting feature the Babahu X1 comes with is its design. Unlike other electric toothbrushes, this product has a special design that frees your hands. It is fully automatic. So all you need to do is to squeeze toothpaste on the U-shaped brush head and put it into your mouth. This also means you can clean your teeth and do something else simultaneously

First, when we saw the Babahu X1 and read the promo phrase of the world’s smartest automatic toothbrush, we were thinking there is a marketing gimmick and this is going to be a regular electric toothbrush. But the truth is the Babahu X1 adopts AI technique. This simply means its intelligent partitioning algorithm divides your teeth into 6 areas and brushes them at different frequencies. At the same time, it can identify different brush heads to deliver a suitable level of comfort. Besides this, the Babahu X1 has been designed for adults as well as kids.

Babahu X1

It is designed on Bass technique. The 6D soft bristles cover your teeth at a specific 45° and provide 360° deep clean. Each bristle’s vibration amplitude is at only 1mm, brushing scientifically is so easy!

At last, Babahu X1 has the IPX7 waterproof rating and anti-drop technology. The battery inside provides a 30-day standby power on a single charge that takes 2 hours to reach 100%.


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