Babahu X1 World’s 1st AI-Powered Hand-Free Toothbrush Launching on Indiegogo

Babahu X1 world’s first AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush launching at 9 am, Nov.21 (Wed), EST. From now on, only pressing one button that you can get intelligent fully clean by built-in smart AI algorithms to brush at different vibration frequencies efficiently. It is based on the Bass method of brushing and suitable for adults as well as children. It’s safe and hygienic with FDA approved quality. To be the first backers now, you can get an exclusive price up to 50% off.

Babahu X1

Like most success stories, babahu AI-Powered hand free toothbrush started with an idea.

The brush head is made out of an edible medical grade silica gel containing bacteriostat that is molded into the unibody of the brush at a high temperature of 300 Degrees Celsius. This design effectively stops the breeding of harmful bacteria that is usually found on traditional toothbrushes. The own patented U-shape mouth design featuring 6D bristles at a 45-degree angle with the teeth.

Babahu X1

The brush body adopts a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a vibration frequency of 18,000-40000 per minute, which is suitable for

people’s different oral conditions and applies the AI algorithms automatically that recognize when the brush head is connected. There is one key operation mode and two modes of Clean and Gum Care. Kids’ version has an inbuilt voice algorithm: bite strength alerts, brush head usage and brushing stage details.

Moreover, babahu X1 also equipped with wireless charging base, then you can take up to 3 brush heads at a time and charges in just 2 hours which provides up to 30 days of standby.

How to use babahu X1?

  1. Squeeze foam toothpaste on both sides of the U-shape brush head.
  2. Gently bite the U-groove of the brush head.
  3. One press of the start button the super soft bristles will begin to clean your teeth thoroughly.

We are excited to inform you that babahu X1 will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo now. The earliest gears can be delivered out in January?2019. Don’t hesitate it! Get Super Deals here!

Babahu X1 Babahu X1 Babahu X1 Babahu X1 Babahu X1 Babahu X1


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