AXLOIE Attitude Review: Softer Sound Than Ever

Pros – Good sound performance; Small, comfortable, and stable; Strong and reliable Bluetooth connection; Stylish appearance; Long charging case battery (up to 130 hours)


Cons – Easy to make a phone call accidentally; Plastic charging case



These days I am testing a pair of true wireless earbuds from AXLOIE. This is my first time to have a flavor on AXLOIE’s earbuds. From the day I buy Airpod, it has been one of my favorite earphones through the years, and one which never completely replaced by modern merchandise, either from AXLOIE themselves or others.


However, AXLOIE Attitude is my new companion. Given that they are more of my taste. It sounds softer than any other earbuds. It is as the same feeling as having a bite on biscuit, light and tender. Apart from that, they shared a number of elements from Airpod but with lower price.

Let’s go deep into AXLOIE Attitude to observe why it is my new favourite truly wireless earphone.


A big thanks to Axloie for reaching out to see if I would be interested in reviewing their products, and for sending over a sample of the True Wireless Earbud AXLOIE Attitude for the purposes of review. The thoughts here are my own subjective opinions based on my own experience with AXLOIE Attitude. They do not represent AXLOIE or any other entity. At the time of writing AXLOIE Attitude, it is retailed for €42.99 on Amazon. You can click here to check:


AXLOIE Attitude ES

AXLOIE Attitude US store

Personal Preferences:

I would like to listen to many different genres of songs in different languages. So I greatly prefer those earbuds that would transmit the Hi-Fi lossless sound. In 2019, to exercise better, I am a big fan of true wireless earbuds so that I could play music when I run. Besides, I generally listen at very low volumes, so keep this in mind when reading my thoughts on how an earphone sounds.


  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Support profile: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Weight: 4.4g/each
  • Operating range: 10 meters?33 feet?
  • Battery capacity of earphones: 50mAh
  • Battery capacity of charging case: 3000mAh
  • Working time: 4h
  • Charging time of earphones: 1h

Packaging and Accessories:

AXLOIE ATTITUDE features on general packaging. It arrives in a deep blue, triangular cardboard box with transparent diamond. Through transparent diamond, you can see one earbud inside of it. It shows off the earbud is like a snail-shape that at the moment I saw it, I feel like that it would be very easy to place in my ear. Beside lies the slogan of the brand, “MY DREAM SUPPORTER”. And in the back side and the left side of the cardbox, there is some usual model information. A few features are highlighted, such as true wireless and smart touch.

Pulling the flap and lifting the lid, in all you get:

  • AXLOIE Attitude earbuds
  • Charge case
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Pairs of ear tips (S / M / L)
  • User manual
  • Thanking card


In general, there are a basic unboxing and other accessory gadgets. Though I wouldn’t expect anything, but it does not look bad.

Build, Comfort, and Isolation:

The charge case is made entirely of plastic. It looks a little fragile that if there are any hard things to rock, it is going to break. I tried to take out the earbuds which are securely set in their charging case. I also like the magnets between the earbuds and where it was placed. Overall the case looks nice, it’s pocketable. It’s not going to win my critical heart, but again, at this price it is just fine.

AXLOIE Attitude cavity shell is black plastic material, the surface gloss is strong, the weight of a single earphone is only 4.4 grams, still relatively light, so there is no obvious weight feeling after wearing. Even you wear it for a long time, it is not painful. The part that comes into contact with the cochlea is a skin-like material. The material is smooth and skin-friendly. It has no particularly strong plastic feeling and is convenient to carry. Comfortability is extraordinary.

The AXLOIE Attitude has below average isolation. Wearing it, you can still hear outside noise. But at my local coffee store, when I boost volume of AXLOIE Attitude to more than 50%, is a positive experience. I would not hear outside noise. Music from AXLOIE Attitude compensates for the chaotic noise.

Sources and Connection:
Manual is translated in 5 languages in total. Though the manual is half palm size, details are described clearly.

The AXLOIE Attitude was compatible with a range of devices, such as my iPhoneX, Samsung Galaxy Note10+, and Huawei Mate 10. I find that it’s extraordinarily easy and fast to connect to these devices. Once I take one of the earbud out of the charging case, there is light flashing, which shows that it automatically turns on. On the phone, I select “Attitude” and then about 2s, it connects. When I pull out the other earpiece, it also will automatically turn on and locate the other side. Once I have connected to a device, it will reconnect each time when I turn them on.

At most time, the Bluetooth connection was good if there are no walls or other objects that influence the transmission. According to the description, the connection range is supposed to be 10m. I tried it, almost achievable. When I am in my big house, my phone in one room, and I took the earbuds to the other room, it might encounter music stop. It is understandable for there are walls between rooms.

Battery Performance:

To protect my ear, I often make test at 25% volume. But it turns out that the sound of AXLOIE Attitude is soft, so I tune it up at 50% volume. Yep! That’s the right feeling. And then I carry AXLOIE Attitude, connected to my iPhone SE at 50% volume to go shopping and stroll in the park. I count the playing time. It is about 4 hours and 2 minutes of continuous play. It seems that 4 hour claim seems accurate. Compared with Airpods, the battery playing time is shorter than Airpods. But when I charge it with the charging case, the playing time of attitude can add it to 130h.


The AXLOIE Attitude doesn’t break any new ground with its features, but what it lacksdoes not make it a cheap goods. Lossless HD technology and noise cancelling technology that produces deep bass and crystal clear highs.


I am not only a technological enthusiast, but also a crazy language lover. Personally, I would more like a kind of sound that seems more like an actual woman talking to you. AXLOIE Attitude stresses its emphasis on deep bass, which allows me to hear even phonemes clearly.


Its tight chamber design, which highly restores the approximate HIFI sound quality, truly achieves low frequency but powerful, high-pitched surround sound stereo It is rare to see such high quality with reasonable price, and after adding noise reduction processing, it is clear no matter when you listen to music or calling.


AXLOIE Attitude Bluetooth earphones have a fairly balanced performance, bringing a good “quantity” and dive of the bass, and the mid-range vocal performance is clean and neat. Bright, no obvious burr, medium and low frequency performance is relatively balanced, resolution and reduction are very good.


The ergonomic design of the AXLOIE Attitude earphones uses innovative in-ear locking technology, Comfortable, soft and elastic, it forms a tight environment with the ear canal and reduces noise and is not easy to fall. Its unique ear support structure, and aviation-grade elastic silicone which material can effectively protect the earphone from falling off in most scenes of sports. When I adjust the volume above the middle in running, I almost cannot hear the noise outside world. Physical noise-cancelling that stops outside interruptions helps a lot in life.


Final Thoughts:

I did not expect much at first but finally stunned by what AXLOIE impressed me with the true wireless with reasonable price. The AXLOIE Attitude doesn’t include any unique tech. that I have imagined. Be that as it may, the tuning is taken care. Even when I run and shake my body with music playing, I could hear the rhymes clearly. The earbuds are tiny and light, amazingly agreeable to wear, and stylish design attracted me at first. The battery life surpassed the evaluated specs in my testing. The Bluetooth connection is stable as well. It is an entry-level product worth recommending. I genuinely have no significant grievances about the AXLOIE Attitude.

If you’re in the market for truly wireless earbud, AXLOIE Attitude wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a very good choice for you!


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