AuYou shows a series of new gadgets: smart outlets

Nowadays, a lot of products are considered smart; we have smartphones, smartwatches, smartTVs, we even have smart toilets. We’re not complaining, having a smart product makes it really interesting and easier to use in some cases; it might sound ridiculous to some of you but today we’ll talk about a group of smart outlets that AuYou has released. Yes, we know, it’s hard to believe that the smart outlets are a reality, but we still need to know what are the main characteristics and uses of these devices, so let’s a take a look at each one of them.

Auyou preview

We have 3 models to talk about; we’ll proceed to give you a brief review about each one of them.

But first, let’s take a look at what a smart outlet actually does; a smart outlet pretty much lets you control all your electric devices from your smartphone, all you have to do is link the outlet with your mobile device, access the app and you can control it. It’s ridiculously convenient, for example, you can use this app to turn on the coffee machine so that when you arrive, you’ll have a nice pot of coffee. Of course, this is something new and many people are skeptical about it, but really this device is just too convenient to let it slide just like that.


AuYou Xiao Wai

Auyou Xiao Wai

 Unlike the previous model, this one can host only one device, but don’t worry; we can use this model as a connector for the other models.

The main point of this model is how compact it is, it’s just so small and functional, just like the other models it has an amazing compatibility with smartphones. It also counts with a 6.56-inch long cable so that we can connect it with the other models.


Here we also have the flame resistant materials and the overload protection.

Something that does change, aside from the model, is the Max load power that reaches 2500 W. The rated voltage stays the same at 110-240V as well as the rated current that stays at 10A. It also has an AC frequency of 50/60 Hz.


AuYou Xiao Xiang

Auyou Xiao Xiang

As we saw in the first model, this is a 3-headed outlet, which means that we can have 3 devices plugged at the same time.

Just like the other models, it’s made out of a flame retardant material so that it doesn’t catch fire. It has special protection rings so that neither our hand nor any metal object comes into contact with the metal of the plug; a really caring design.

It has pretty much the same specifications as Xiao Wai; a rated voltage of 110/240 V, a rated current of 10 A, a max load power of 2500 W and an AC frequency of 50/60 Hz.


AuYou Xiao Zhin

Auyou Xiao Zhin

This is the smallest of all models and as we can see, it lacks the cord, that’s because this device is meant to be used in addition to the other models. Its compact model and the fact that it possesses a timer function make this device really interesting and convenient.

This device has to be connected to the other 3 models to work properly, we also need to point out that the features remain the same; flame resistant materials and the overload protector function.

This particular model has the remote control function so that we can operate it from our smartphone via the WiFi connectivity.

The specifications are the same as the first model: a rated voltage of 110-240V, a rated current of 10A, a maximum load power of 2200 W and an AC frequency of 50/60 Hz.


Auyou Combination outlet

Auyou Combination outlet

 As we can see in the image, this is a 3-headed outlet; you can connect up to 3 devices with it. A really convenient design since it allows us to control 3 devices in our house directly from our phone, something that we as the customer should consider, is to connect devices that we want to use together; it would be kind of dumb to turn on the air conditioner and the microwave at the same.

Something we really like is that the shell of this gadget is made out of flame retardant materials; it doesn’t matter how high the temperature gets, this design will stop the outlet from burning.

We also have to point out that this model counts with a particularly long cord, something that we’re really thankful for.

Auyou Combination outlet 2

This device counts with a shutter for kids. This is to prevent the children from sticking their fingers or any metal bars into the outlet. Also, we’d like to point out that this device also works as an overload protector. This device has an amazing durability, it can be plugged in and out more than 50000 times.

The rated voltage for this model is 110-240V, the rated current is 10A, and the max load power is 2200W. It has an AC frequency.


Final Thoughts

Auyou Conclusions

 What we have here is a really convenient and creative device, we say creative because it allows us to create tons of combinations between the different models. Also, the design and the materials used for all of them are just spectacular; it’s impressive the amount of work that the company put into the safety section; when we talk about outlets and children there’s always danger. As for the price we can’t say it’s cheap, but we can say that it’s worth every penny, we highly recommend all four models.


Where to buy?

Interested? you can find below a few links from where you can purchase these Auyou products, we remind you that buying their products is the best way to show your support.




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