ASAP Dash External Battery – The World’s Fastest Charger, 5 Minutes To Top Up Your Phone

Today’s phones demands are increasing. So is the demand for external batteries growing, as most of the phone’s battery life is a disappointment and in many cases it doesn’t even last for a day. On the other side, who would waste hours waiting for a phone to be charged. Thankfully, ASAP Dash External Battery is here to save the day, highlighting the most important and  the only thing to the world: “Time is precious”. To support this ASAP Dash External Battery promises the user to recharge their phone in just 5 minutes.


How does ASAP Dash External Battery Works?

The manufacturer claims that ASAP Dash is up to 16 times faster than the other external batteries available in the market.

The concept behind this blazing charging is the world’s smallest customized board that guarantees to be 92% energy efficient as compared to the other batteries. Apart from this, the capacity of ASAP Dash has a capacity of 5000 mAh, enough to charge 3 iPhones in just 15 mins.

ASAP Dash External Battery Time to charge

The safety measures are the best as this powerhouse has an intelligent chip that analyses the maximum recharge rate needed for the device which is connected. Most phone chargers or power banks are only capable of outputting 2.1 Amps. We’re already preparing for the future phones that accept a larger input, the ASAP Dash comes with a unique 3.1 Amp output. Even if a voltage overload occurs, the micro-controller incorporating will turn off the battery.

Features of ASAP Dash External Battery
Features of ASAP Dash External Battery

The life of this external battery is four times longer than other batteries, having 1200 charge cycles.

How does ASAP Dash External Battery looks like?

To be honest with you, ASAP Dash External Battery is one among the elegant batteries we have ever seen. Fine edges, a thickness of only 13 mm and the four blue LED lights to indicate the amount of battery left. The best thing is the brilliant anodized aluminium body to increase the protection of the battery and to avoid the consequences of a fall or a blow.

ASAP Dash External Battery Design

On the front, are the ports: An AC input, a Micro USB input, a standard USB output and at the last a power button. It’s 40% lighter than the other batteries have a weight of 150 g.

ASAP Dash External Battery Dimension

Where to buy ASAP Dash External Battery?

In order to change this dream into a reality its creators have launched a campaign in Indiegogo to achieve the funding they need to launch it in the market. The project is a success as they have able to achieve their goal to reach $30,000 in several weeks.

If you are interested in one of these batteries, you can get it now from the campaign page for $69. Obviously, you have to wait until June to receive it.

Indeed, it has become one of the highly anticipated product of the year 2016. We are eager to get our hands on it. Android Users, get ready!




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