Arbily Touch Control Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Review

Arbily Touch Control Lamp Bluetooth Speaker is a multifunctional all-in-one device which will provide you with warm light along with voice output. It supports Bluetooth version 4.1 connectivity to any of the Bluetooth devices and creates an enjoyable environment in home or office.
The Bluetooth speaker lamp is a great product for those looking to make their nights memorable with their families. Correspondingly, it has the abilities with a smart digital touch screen (60 x 20 mm) and music player on its top, to make your moments full of joy and entertainment.

The users have also the facility to use it as a hands-free speaker phone while making phone calls. They can talk with their friends and relatives with free hands while lying on their bed or sofa. Moreover, the Bluetooth lamp is specially designed for basically two places- bedroom and Reading room. You can place it anywhere as the compact and round-shaped design is allowing you to make handy use of it.

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The multi-functional Bluetooth lamp-cum-speaker is lodged with a 2000 mAh Lithium-ion battery to run it for longer hours. The battery is adjusted at the bottom of the lamp. Similarly, the light lamp is placed in the middle whereas the speakers are mounted on the top of the product.

Overall, the Bluetooth speaker lamp is a one-stop solution for your multiple requirements. You can use it to light up your room and listening to music simultaneously. Lit lit has provided customers all the features that are required and for more let’s dive in:

Features and specifications:

Design and color

The design of the Bluetooth speaker lamp is beautifully-crafted by the experts to make it compatible with its features. The round-shaped and plastic-made design involves mainly three major parts- the battery in the bottom, the LED Lamp in the middle and the Speakers on the top. Overall, the product is a great combination of these important articles.

The smart LED lamp speaker provides a glossy and colorful lighting design. You will enjoy 360-degree light in your room because of its round-shaped physique.


Additionally, you will get multiple light color variations. Although the product body is White-colored itself it can produce a colorful light effect as per your choice.

The soft and sensitive design is produced by arranging important parts in the right sequence. In the lower part, you will get multiple buttons under the toe to control this lamp manually. You will get different buttons to perform different tasks like increase/decrease the volume, previous/next, forward/backward, switch off/on, Alarm clock, date and time, speakers on/off etc.

Smart Touch Mood LED Lamp

The smart LED lamp Bluetooth speaker has a collection of multiple color options ranging from Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Brown, and Sky etc. Moreover, the dimmable light is fully controllable via touch and it provides light brightness during the night.

The colors are always in change mode as per your requirements. There are various brightness levels from bottom to top. The color effects are amazing that you can never imagine. Usually, children feel uncomfortable in the night. But with the warm and supportive light, your child will take a baby sleep LED light which will make his night fully convenient and sleepy.


Bluetooth Connectivity

The LED lamp speakers fully support to several gadgets via Bluetooth connectivity. It can establish a wireless connection with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth version is 4.1 and it makes it really easy to play your favorite songs from the distance up to 5 meters.
The device is made of variant features to provide you with light as well as a music player. Correspondingly, you will make fun in your living room by playing favorite tunes.

The Bluetooth connection establishment is a quite easy process. Just turn on the Bluetooth from both ends your mobile and the Lamp. Your smartphone will show you the name “D-58”. Touch on it and try to pair it with the LED lamp. When connected successfully, your phone will indicate the symbol as ‘BT’.


The speakers are the main element of the LED Lamp Bluetooth speaker. You will enjoy amazing sound output, which is although not of superior quality it is above average as compared to the device size and other features it has. There is a speaker unit of 4?/5W which is enough loud for a room of 15 to 20 square meters.

In addition, you can not only connect to the speakers via Bluetooth but there are also some other ways to play it. You can use TF card, USB port, and Aux cable to play it as per your convenience. Therefore, enjoy the excellent sound experience while your bedtime, relaxing or story mood etc.



The USB Bluetooth lamp speaker uses the 2000 mAh standard 18650 battery as a power source. The battery is made of Lithium-polymer and can run for around 3 hours on a music player with 50% volume. Hence, this is an incredible life-changing concept with a long-lasting battery to make you uninterrupted service day and night.

The total charging time is around 5 hours and you can charge it very easily via USB port. Similarly, you can also save your power by playing the lights on a dim mode while you are about to sleep. Moreover, you can also follow the method of plug and play to run and charge it simultaneously. The power limit of the battery is 3.7 V to make it fit for the whole project.

Alarm Clock

Along with various other features, the smart Bluetooth lamp speaker also provides you with the alarm clock option. Now you are able to set an alarm on this electric device. Set the timing for your relaxation, dinner, wake up, exercise, or medicine etc. It will remind you at the right time with optimum loudness.
Moreover, the alarm volume is also loud and clear and fully adjustable. The digital screen will allow you to use its inbuilt features to extract more benefits out of it. By placing it beside your bed, you can use it as a morning alarm clock as well.

Music Player

Can you imagine that you can enjoy your favorite songs through a light lamp? In Arbily Bluetooth lamp speaker, you have the facility to play and enjoy your favorite songs on the go. It can be any occasion. Be it a dinner with your love, family or any other. You will enjoy a superior sound quality while taking dinner in the light of this lamp.
Moreover, you will get full control over voice output set it as per your listening range. There are specialized buttons for the purpose to generate excellent tuning with the music player. In addition, multiple options are there to connect your songs with this player like USB, Bluetooth, TF card, and 3.5 mm Jack etc. It can play music from your iPod, MP3 etc. of any size and format.

Hands-free Call

Now your home-based Bluetooth lamp will be your hands-free phone. Use this feature of your lamp to talk on your phone over the open speaker. You just need to connect your smartphone with its speakers using Bluetooth and make a call to the person you want to talk with. Now put your phone aside and start a conversation as he or she is sitting beside you.
Further, the Bluetooth lamp speaker is the ultimate solution to make your calls hands-free while you are spending time with your child or family. It will be a superb piece of fun at all.

Smart Calendar Clock

Furthermore, the Bluetooth smart lamp speaker also provides you the facility to track your dates and time in your daily routine calendar. Simply put, it will enhance your work progress by giving you the exact timetable feature along with colorful light effect.
You can set a timer for upcoming dates and can make future planning through the wide digital touch screen.


Best Gift for all Occasions

Most importantly, sometimes it becomes quite tough to decide about the gift we want to present someone. Here your problem will also be resolved. The Bluetooth lamp speaker is a perfect device when we need to give a gift to someone. The all-around product is fully flexible to fit all occasions like enjoying picnic, dinner, sleeping, reading, exercise, relaxing, training, camping etc.
Therefore, nothing can be as good as lamp speaker to give a gift to our loved ones. Because the product is multi-use and for all age group people from child to adults, you can gift it to anyone on marriage functions, birthday parties etc. No doubt, they will praise your gift selection ability.

Additional Features

Surprised by reading this headline? No doubt, you will be surprised to see that there are some more features apart from these. Exactly, you will also get some other hidden features like you will get a lightweight product weighing at just 350 g. moreover, touch control screen, maximum 32 GB TF card support, compact (80 x 80 x 125 mm) device dimensions, 5 levels (dim, low, middle, high, and dreamy color) warm White light, eye care natural light lamp etc.


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