Aqara smart camera G2 Offered at $46.99

Recently, Xiaomi Eco-Link Co., Ltd. has launched the Aqara smart camera G2 (Gateway Edition), which is currently opened for an appointment and will officially go on sale on March 26. You can get your hands on it for $46.99.

The Aqara smart camera G2 is small in size, with a strong magnet on the base, which can be attached to the surface of iron-containing objects. It supports a variety of installation methods. And you can also put it somewhere on a flat surface.

Aqara Smart Camera G2

The 2MP camera with the new image process sensor effectively enhances the sensitivity by 42%. It is also supplemented by 8 940nm infrared lights that help the camera to support a night vision distance of up to 8m. Say, it is quite suitable for placement in the baby room.

The Aqara smart camera G2 adopts AI image recognition technology, which can quickly detect movement and detect human form, effectively avoid false alarms caused by pets running and reduce unnecessary interference.

In addition to supporting local Micro SD card storage, the recorded video will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. Even if the camera is damaged, it can be downloaded to the cloud. The NAS storage will be launched in the near future. It is worthwhile to turn on the time-lapse photography function without using a memory card.

The G2 supports full-duplex voice call function. Just press and hold the voice call button to open the call function. The child presses the top button of the camera for 3 seconds to start a 15-second video recording, and sends a message to you, saying what he/she wants to say.

The Aqara Smart Camera G2 is not only a smart camera but also a smart home gateway based on Zigbee 3.0. In addition to being able to view everything in the home remotely, you can also link smart home door locks, human sensors, and other Aqara smart devices to achieve rich intelligent linkage scenarios.


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