April 2018: Xiaomi Redmi 5A, 5 Plus/Note 5 in top 10 best-selling smartphones

Counterpoint, the popular research firm, has released a new report that reveals the best-selling smartphones of April 2018 in the global market. We are pleased to share with all Mi fans that Xiaomi is part of this top in two places. However, it can not be denied that the competing brands, Samsung and Apple, continue to have the supremacy: the first positions are occupied by the Samsung S9 and they are followed by three Apple smartphones.

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April 2018: Top 10 best-selling smartphones

In the graphic that we present, you will be able to see all the places in a decreasing way. As we mentioned, at the places of honor you will find the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S9. Then, in the third place is the iPhone X, which is continued by the iPhone 8 Plus in the fourth place and the iPhone 8 in the fifth one. The second half of the ranking starts with the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, which we already talked about on several occasions because it has become the best-selling phone of Xiaomi in recent months. That’s because it has become the most entry-level and affordable smartphone by the Chinese hi-tech giant.

April 2018 - Top 10 best-selling smartphones

In the seventh spot, we see Apple again and the iPhone 6. However, in the 8th place is again Xiaomi with the Redmi 5 Plus that in India is known as Redmi Note 5. The last two positions are occupied by the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, respectively. As you can note, every phone on the April 2018 list are flagships, or they were, except the ones by Xiaomi, who has won the podium thanks to two entry-level smartphones.

April 2018 - Top 10 best-selling smartphones

Xiaomi competes with the biggest brands and its flagships

Xiaomi was the only company that faced the biggest brands of smartphones industry. Although all the models with it competed are high-end, its mid-low range devices managed to cope with them. However, another doubt is born, why are almost all smartphones in the ranking of premium range? Is it possible that consumers are starting to prefer flagships? Maybe the sales of low-cost devices would decrease day by day. In our opinion, we don’t believe that this happens. Largest markets like India prefer lower-middle range phones. The problem is that not everyone puts the same quality as Xiaomi when it comes to manufacturing and designing low-cost devices.

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