10 Must have apps for Xiaomi Redmi 5 in 2018!

Whenever you purchase a new phone, the excitement of installing various applications is just out of this world. Even though a lot of ideas come into the minds before purchasing a phone. But when you finally make a purchase, you might get confused what to finally install? Don’t worry. This happens with everybody.

Google Play offers variety of applications for free as well as paid. These can be games, music, movies, entertainment, shopping and a lot more varied stuff. Such a huge list might look scary at first. But don’t worry, we have a great suggestion for you. Below is the list of top 10 applications you must have, if you have a Xiaomi Redmi 5, or for general, any smart phone.


Amazon Prime Music

This is a great initiative of Amazon. You can listen to unlimited variety of music here on Amazon Prime Music. The songs lists are curated based on various moods, genres and even singers. You can find a large collection of English, Hindi, and even many regional songs.

Indian music is gaining a lot of popularity, and a big role is played by Punjabi Music in further enhancing the popularity. Now people all over India love to listen to Punjabi Songs, and this app has all your favourite songs. But to get more information about the Top 100 Punjabi songs you can visit BestoftheYear.in

Amazon Prime Music allows you to download up to 250 songs for free. You can then listen to these songs even when you do not have internet connection. If you want to download more, you need to pay per song. But listening to music online is absolutely free.


Earlier, people used to transfer content from one phone to another through Bluetooth. Even though this facility is still there, it is extremely slow. Images and documents take a lot of time through Bluetooth. In addition, you could not transfer files from Android to Apple using this service. Hence, came SHAREit.

Using SHAREit, you can transfer any file to any mobile device, within a fraction of seconds. No internet is needed, no data is used, and the quality of file is retained. This is the world’s most fashionable cross platform sharing application.



So far, this is the world’s most widely used shopping applications. There are many other apps like Flipkart or Myntra which you can download along with this, but Amazon is a must. This shopping app offers you variety of items and you can find almost everything you are looking for, here on amazon. While you search for multiple things, Amazon notices your movements and suggests you various items according to your own taste. This smart feature becomes extremely useful when you are confused what to buy.



This is the most widely used Social Media platform. Even if this was not on this list, you would have not forgotten to install in anyways. The user interface of this android app is very convenient to use. And it comes handy when you are getting bored. In addition to this app, you can also download Facebook messenger, where you can stay connected to the people anywhere you go.



Netflix is world’s best application when it comes to online movie streaming. You can watch unlimited serials and movies here on Netflix. The library is massive, and the quality is extremely amazing. It also offers the feature of offline viewing, i.e., you need not worry about the Internet connection to view your favourite content.

Netflix also has its own original TV series, like Stranger Things, which have become extremely popular everywhere. So, whether you want to pass your time, or watch latest Television series, Netflix is your buddy. We also recommend you to watch Narcos on Netflix.

Netflix is also a great place to watch Documentaries as well. You have Documentaries of Great Leaders, Freedom Fighters, Criminals and Celebrities. If you have installed this app, we recommend you to watch a Documentary about Hardy Sandhu. It is about a singer who has redefined the Indian Music Industry. If you are curious, click here to checkout his most amazing songs.


Google Photos

Even though every phone has Gallery. But Google photos is a smart app which you are definitely going to love. They store images on the internet, thus freeing your phone memory. In addition, this app contains image recognition, where you can view all images of a particular person. It can also make collages or videos of your favourite memories from a trip. Overall, it is a nice addition to your android apps.

  1. Google Photos offers Unlimited Storage.


Google Keep

Keep helps you when you want to remember important pointers. You can save them in your phone, and can sync and view them on laptops or any other device you use. This is the note taking service by Google, which comes in handy everywhere you go. For example, you might want to take down points on what you wish to purchase, or maybe what work you have to do once you reach office.



Feeling hungry? Don’t worry. Zomato is one of the best Indian apps when you are looking for satisfying your hunger. Using this app, you can order food online from any shop near you. You can even check the ratings and reviews of any restaurant you like or want to try.

The user interface is easy, and the support staff is great. They are there to help you in case you face any issues while delivery.



Most of the people face the hassle of getting their documents scanned. Even when you are not working in any such company, in day to day lives as well, you need lot of paperwork. And in such cases, CamScanner comes handy.

You can scan any document you like and share with anybody anywhere on the go. It takes only few seconds as compared to when you have to go to actual shop to get the document scanned. The features like smart crop and colour variations are an added advantage of this application.


A lot of companies are releasing their apps for travel. But tried and tested, MakeMyTrip offers the best prices for every travel related query you have. Everything is crystal clear on the front page itself. There are no hidden charges, and you can book flight tickets, hotels, buses, cabs, and much more through this single app.



This list is definitely not the holistic list. There are various other segments like food and entertainment, where you can install various apps. Even for categories like shopping and social media platforms, we have included one application each. You can download several others according to your needs.

Apart from these, there are millions of games available on the app store that you can play for free. We did not include any game in the above list, since everybody has a totally different taste. What we find good, may not be liked by you. So you can always check top Android games and download what you feel great.


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