Announced the Smartmi car’s air purifier

There are many companies that work in the improvement of the technological products of the moment, several of the most popular are the purifiers of both air and water, and one of those companies is Smartmi Company which, on December 30 announced the arrival of a new car’s air purifier. This device will be officially launched in the official store of Tmall Zhimi tomorrow.

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Smartmi: a great Xiaomi’s sub-brand

Smartmi Company is one of the many brands belonging to the Xiaomi ecological chain, which have been popularized by the launches of several air purifiers, such as the Mijia MAX, the Mijia Pro, the Mijia PM 2.5, among others. Like the aforementioned products, many of the Mijia devices have been manufactured by the company Zhimi, who have also been able to launch their own products, as well as their Smartmi heater, and now, this new air purifier.

Smartmi Features

This purifier has a high quality brushless DC motor and has a double turbo fan. With the power that this combination offers, it manages to form a three-dimensional cycle, this thanks to the fact that it has a 360° air inlet design. It has an incorporated EPA12 filter and also enjoys a powerful PM0.3CADR filtration, with all this, the circulation of purified air is achieved inside the car and filtered much faster. According to official information, the great advantage of this high-quality engine is that it does not use a mechanical brush process, making the noise lower and the rotation speed greater. With this, the air of the automobile is purified in a better way and without causing so much inconvenience to the driver.

Smartmi Fan

Along with this, the unique engine equipped with a double turbine fan that uses a double filter structure design greatly improves filtration efficiency, which means that the air is effectively filtered. Its design achieves that its structure is smaller and the amount of filtered air is larger, making it an air purifier unique in its style.


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