Android M: The First Update 6.0.1 is here

On 5th of October, Google launched their brand new Android OS called Android Marshmallow (v 6.0.0), Android M in short. Moreover, Nexus devices like 5X and 6P smartphones. Indeed, this version had some major changes in it as compared to the previous version (Lollipop). Although the changes were awesome like the app tray, voice recognition on lock screen, google bar on the home screen, USB type-C support or even making SD card as internal memory.


Apart from these changes Android M had some bugs and errors. These bugs and errors are not that big and important, but as you know that a little mistake can ruin the whole moment. So, in order to continue and hold the momentum of Android M and to overcome the previous mistakes, Google has released the first update of Android M as Version 6.0.1.

What’s new in Android M (V 6.0.1)?

New Emoji are introduced

Emoji keyboards are getting increasingly popular, after apple introduced 150 emoji to iOS. Due to them the interface between the keyboard and the user has become more interesting. Instead of releasing 150 emoji, Google introduced 200 emoji in the new update. Don’t believe me here take a look:

Note: This is a system level software update to the font, which is why Google couldn’t just update the keyboard on the Play Store.

Camera shortcut introduced

Forget about going to the app menu and finding the camera icon to start camera mode. Forget that your phone does not have a camera button. So, what should you do? Well, if you are an Android M (V 6.0.1) user then not to worry. You can directly open camera mode by double pressing the cool power button. So, wasting time in finding the camera icon would not be a problem anymore.

Camera mode on Android M

Do not disturb until… has been reused again

Remember that in Android Lollipop, there was a “Do not disturb feature” whereby you could opt to mute all notifications until your next your next alarm. Sadly, it was removed in Android M (V 6.0.0). Hey! Don’t start crying. Hopefully, “Do not disturb feature” has been introduced in this update.

Do not disturb until... Settings
Do not disturb until… Settings
Tablet UI

This update is actually quite a significant one for Nexus tablet users.

You know how the main Android navigation keys for back, home, and multitasking are always dead central on the screen? Then you’ve probably noticed that this means you have to take one hand off the tablet to reach them (or else really stretch your fingers.

Android 6.0.1 changes that, pushing the back and home keys to the far left corner of the screen, and the multitasking key to the far right – right near where your thumbs are likely to be.

Volume control via Bluetooth has been introduced

Android 6.0.1 surprises us with an upgrade that will surely delight those accustomed to use Bluetooth audio accessories. Previously, the Bluetooth audio devices user had to adjust the volume of the audio device and then of the smartphone, manually. But, in Android M (V 6.0.1) update both can be adjusted at the same time. With a single touch both have been synchronized.

Those who complained that the volume is too high even if it is at minimum is one detail that Google will be correcting for the next update.

What’s fixed in Android M (V 6.0.1)?

Your clock is delayed in Android 6.0. Fixed!

If you were a part of the group of users who complained of a failure of the clock on Android 6.0(a very important issue that could affect many applications and something as simple as using mobile alarm). For you is a good news. Google has fixed the issue by rearranging and redeveloping the whole clock app again.

Issue of MMS. Fixed!

One of the most notorious failures of Android 6.0 is that we could not access the MMS from the Hangouts ,something that has been fixed in Android 6.0.1.

Security? Fixed!

Android M (6.0.0) enhanced privacy and security by supporting bio-metric devices like Fingerprint reader, Voice recognition and even Iris reader. But the question was that whether there would be regular updates or not? You might see some sites talking about a security component to this Android 6.0.1 update, but that’s being a little generous. It just so happens that it has coincided with Google’s monthly security update, so it would have come along regardless. Thus, the question has been solved.

Android M
Status of phone having Android M 6.0.1 update and security update

Release and Availability:

The wait is over! Because Android M (v 6.0.1) has been released. This update is available as an OTA update for Nexus devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 9, 5X, 6P and tablets. We hope that up-coming Samsung Note 6 and other phones including Chinese, will have this update. Lets see!



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