(Flash Deal) Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card: 4GB, 256Bit, 1244MHz, For Just $189.99

Those who always want a seamless and rich gaming experience, they must first get their PC’s hardware game on point. With that said, almost everyone including the gamers know the importance of graphics card in a gaming PC. These days we see games that come with the highest graphics detail. To be able to handle and execute such graphics, a robust graphics card is what a gamer needs. To meet that requirement a gamer needs the latest Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card. This graphics card comes with digital resolution support up to 7680 x 4320 pixel and video support up to 4GB. That’s massive.

Buy Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card: 4GB, 256Bit, 1244MHz, For Just $189.99

Design & Build

Port-wise, the 9.5-inch-long Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card offers a trio of DisplayPort 1.4 connections, a single HDMI 2.0 port, and DVI-D. It draws power via a single 8-pin connection, and Gigabyte recommends a 450W or greater power supply for the card.

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The Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card comes with a factory overclock to 1,280MHz, which works out to 36MHz over the stock RX 470 spec. That’s pretty modest but in-line with the increases you’d find in many factory-overclocked RX 470 cards. Gigabyte also offers Engine software that promises additional one-click overclocking capabilities if you want to push things further without manually tinkering with clock speeds. The card’s equipped with two of Gigabyte’s Windforce fans, over a decently sized heat sink imbued with four copper pipes that directly contact the GPU. Apart from that, it comes with support for Windows OS 7/8/10 and Dual silent temperature control fans. The Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card is manufactured by AMD. It is available in blue/black variant.

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Here are the primary features of Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card in details.

  • Support Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Dual silent temperature control fans
  • Digital resolution up to 7680 x 4320 pixel
  • 4GB Video Memory Capacity
  • 8-pin power interface support
  • 256 Bit
  • DirectX 12
  • DD5


It’s an amazing deal at such a discounted price for an efficient and tough graphics card. With all the robust features and a great price, Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 is the device you should try out if you are into gaming and play latest games that require maximum hardware efficiency. We suggest you should grab the deal with Yeston AMD Radeon RX570 Graphics Card.

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Where To Buy

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