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Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo Smartwatch Comparison: Which One is Best for You?

This is to compare the Huami Amazfit Stratos 3 vs Amazfit Nexo smartwatch to explore the fundamental differences among the duo. Both the wearables are fully-functional with leading developments along with the fashionable style. So, it is the time to kick off the talk without making any further ado.

Back in August 2019, the high-tech Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi-backed Huami launched three smart wearables on the same day in Beijing. The set was included the Apple Watch-like Amazfit GTS, Amazfit X and Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 aka Amazfit Stratos 3.

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Among all, the Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatch is the most professional wearable for sports enthusiasts. Most probably, it was the first time in the Huami history to unveil a specialized smart sports watch with amazing technologies.

On the other hand, Huami launched the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 aka Amazfit Nexo almost two months before the launch of its competitor. On June 11, the company introduced the wearable in three different formats – the Top Edition with ECG sensor, the Standard Black Edition without ECG, and the White-coloured Limited Avengers Endgame Edition.

The Amazfit Nexo Vs Amazfit Stratos 3 Smartwatch Comparison in Detail

Now, as the festival days are around the corner, so, you probably look for a suitable present to offer to your loved ones. Therefore, these two wearables (Amazfit Stratos 3 vs Amazfit Nexo) are worth buying devices to gift for business persons or sports personalities.

But before, you proceed, let’s know the fundamental differences between these two Huami smart wristwatches. First off, we have a comparison chart to highlight the core features of smartwatches.

  Amazfit Stratos 3 Amazfit Nexo
Display 1.34-inch Full Moon Display 1.39-inch AMOLED Display
Versions Star War Version ECG Version, non-ECG and Limited Avengers Endgame Edition
Band Width 22mm 22mm
Dial Thickness 13.4 mm 13.7 mm
Build Metal and Glass Fiber, Polycarbonate AF + Corning Gorilla Glass
Sports Modes 19 16
Control Touch + 4 Physical Buttons Touch + 3 Physical Buttons
NFC Yes Yes
Waterproof Rating 5ATM 5ATM
Battery 300 mAh 390 mAh
Charging Time 2 hours 1.5 hours
Working Time Smart mode: 7 days, Ultra-mode:14 days Daily use: 5 days

GPS mode: 35 hours

Operating System Amazfit OS Amazfit OS
Location Tracking GPS + Beidou, GPS + GLONASS, GPS + GALILEO GPS + GLONASS
Firstbeat Algorithm 8 4
System Support Android 5.0 and IOS 10.0 or above Android 5.0 and IOS 10.0 or above




6-axis acceleration sensor BioTrackerTM PPG
Temperature sensor ECG electro cardio sensor
Air pressure sensor Geomagnetic sensor
Acceleration sensor Acceleration sensor
3-axis geomagnetic sensor Ambient light sensor
Bio Tracker PPG Biological tracking optical  
Weight 59.6 g 49 g


From the above parameter chart, I hope you will now have a preliminary understanding where watches stand in comparison to each other. Furthermore, we will talk more in detail about the Amazfit Stratos 3 vs Amazfit Nexo comparison.

Design and Construction

In terms of physical appearance, the duo comes with a traditional circular design, reflecting almost the same physique overall. Among the two, the Amazfit Nexo is larger with a 1.39-inch reelecting colour screen. Further, the watch is built of microcrystalline zirconium ceramic materials, AF coating and corning gorilla glass.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo

On the other side, the Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatch brings the glass polycarbonate fiber to be lighter to lift. It also embeds a round-shaped 1.34-inch Full Moon display with waterproof feature.

Furthermore, both the Amazfit Stratos 3 and Amazfit Nexo smartwatches have 22mm silicone straps with some holes for a better grip.

Functionality Comparison

Apart from the physical appearance, the devices have different functionalities as well. The Amazfit Stratos 3 watch installs 19 sports and 8 Firstbeat algorithms for professionals. Some of the common operations conclude running, walking, elliptical, ski, outdoor running, and football etc.

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Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo

Similarly, the counterpart piece also provides 16 sports modes along with 4 Firstbeat sensors for professional life. Also, it facilitates 4G calls to be convenient for users on many occasions.


On the top, both the smart wearables embed a circular touchscreen with vibrant colour effects and more. The Amazfit Stratos 3 watch features a 1.34” JDI Full Moon waterproof display in the round dial. It also adds the corning gorilla glass protection layer.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo

The Huami Amazfit Nexo, on the other hand, installs a larger 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen with sharp and crispy visuality. Moreover, it also catches the corning gorilla glass 3 protection layer against scratches etc.

OS Support

However, the Amazfit Stratos 3 and Amazfit Nexo wearables have their own Amazfit OS in the software area, but also sports Android 5 and iOS 10 or above. Hence, it can easily be presented on the smartphone screen to monitor real-time data.

Huami Amazfit Stratos 3


When it comes to comparing the battery capacities, Huami proceeds with good power storage facilities in both. The Amazfit Nexo smartwatch gets 390 mAh battery to run for around 5 days on normal use. The GPS mode will allow you only up to 35 hours of working time.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo

The Amazfit Stratos 3 watch, packs a 300 mAh battery, which offers 7 days of battery life on smart mode and 14 days on ultra-mode. The battery charging time of Amazfit Stratos 3 and Amazfit Nexo is 2 hours and 1.5 hours, respectively.

The Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo Smartwatch: Multiple Sensors

Well, Huami has made both the smartwatches fully-enriched smart sensors to handle your routine jobs. In the Amazfit Stratos 3 watch, you will find 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, 6-axis accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor, Bio Tracker PPG sensor, and air pressure sensor etc.

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Amazfit Stratos 3 Vs Amazfit Nexo

Similarly, the huami Amazfit Nexo also installs ECG sensor, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor, and bio tracker PPG sensor etc.


After analyzing the Amazfit Stratos 3 vs Amazfit Nexo comparison, it is explicit that both devices are great at functionalities with cost-effective nature. Because of different technical prospects and usage, the purchase decision may vary user to user.

The Amazfit Stratos 3 watch can be a great gift for a sportsperson, whereas the huami Amazfit Nexo watch is a good present for business people.


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