Amazfit Bip Vs Amazfit Bip 2 Vs Amazfit Bip Lite: A Detailed Comparison

You can find no technical area without Xiaomi’s presence. The Chinese giant tech company Xiaomi has built itself solidly in electronic and smart devices industry. Today, we are about to cover its smartwatches (or smart bands) registered under its sub-brand Huami.

Huami launched its Amazfit Bip Series last year. Till date, it has three Amazfit Bip smartwatches in the portfolio – Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip 2 and Amazfit Bip Lite. In this article, we will make a detailed comparison between these three smart bands to clear the differences between them.

Amazfit Bip 2 was launched against Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on the same day i.e. 11 June 2019. Similarly, after a month, we got next Amazfit version, Amazfit Bip Lite in July.

Amazfit Bip Vs Amazfit Bip 2 Vs Amazfit Bip Lite: Basic Parameters Comparison

So, before delving into the detailed discussion, let’s quickly have a look at the basic parameters of these watches.

No difference in display size as all three come with a 1.28-inch reflective display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Moreover, the Amazfit Bip has an IP69 rating, whereas the Amazfit Bip 2 and Amazfit Bip Lite adopt 3ATM waterproof rating.

For power, they also have a slight difference in battery capacity as Amazfit Bip installs 190 mAh and the rest of the two involves 200 mAh battery.

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In addition, all of them come in Polycarbonate material body, Bluetooth connectivity and app support. Overall, it looks that Amazfit Bip 2 focuses more on health monitor, while the Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite provide sports algorithms to be suitable for the young generation.

Amazfit Bip Vs Amazfit Bip Lite Vs Amazfit Bip 2 Smartwatch Comparison

So, let’s move forward to stick with our ultimate goal. Below is the detailed Amazfit Bip Vs Amazfit Bip Lite Vs Amazfit Bip 2 Smartwatch comparison. Read out the piece to learn how they differ from each other.


In terms of display, the triangle hosts the same parameters with a 1.28-inch reflective display and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Further, they also add anti-fingerprint coasting as well.

Off three, the Amazfit Lite comes with an always-on screen, while the other two have a reflective colour display.


Well, we find a little difference in battery capacity of these three smartwatches. The Amazfit Bip installs a 190 mAh Li-Po battery, while the Amazfit Bip 2 and Amazfit Bip Lite hosts a 200 mAh Li-Po batteries.

On average, all of them provides 45 days of battery backup on normal use. Moreover, you can use Amazfit Bip for 4 months on 10% brightness and for 22 hours on continues GPS usage.

amazfit bip vs amazfit bip 2 vs amazfit bip lite

Similarly, the Lite version provides 120 days battery backup on standby time and Bip 2 version can run for 7 days with PPG running.

All of the devices will take 2.5 hours to get the battery fully charged.

Sensor System

The sensor technologies are also crucial parts of these smartwatches. The Amazfit Bip Lite misses Air Pressure sensor and Geomagnetic sensor. But the Amazfit Bip includes it.

On the other hand, the Amazfit Bip 2 also lacks the separate GPS module as the prime focus of this version is in the health monitoring.

The Amazfit Bip hosts PPG heart rate sensor, while the Lite version has 3-axis accelerometer sensor along with the PPG. But the Amazfit Bip 2 includes a Bio-tracker PPG, Electro cardio ECG sensor, and 6-axis low power consumption IMU.

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amazfit bip vs amazfit bip 2 vs amazfit bip lite

The ECG sensor provides accurate data recording and the buyer can enjoy free measurement experience comfortably.

Most importantly, the Amazfit Bip 2 bears a Huangshan No. 1 Chip. It is the best AI chip in wearable equipment having some inbuilt algorithms like RealBeats etc.

Moreover, the Bip 2 edition is also based on the NB-IoT [narrowband Internet of Things] technology. It uploads daily data and provides abnormal heart rate data.

Wireless Connectivity

This section has become an integral part of the smartwatches. Users can now connect their smartwatches with their smartphone devices using Bluetooth, WIFI, and some other modules.

In the case of Amazfit Bip smartwatch, you will get inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 version alongside the compatibility with Android 4.4 and IOS 8 or above. Further, this version is also controllable via an app called Mi Fit app.

Whereas, the Amazfit Bip Lite and Amazfit Bip 2 install a Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth 5.1 respectively. Both are also compatible with the Android 4.4 and IOS 8 or above. You can also control these versions using a mobile app named Amazfit App.

Physical Structure

If we go through the smartwatches physically, we will get almost the same physique on all of them.

Each of the wristwatches is built of the polycarbonate material and provides multiple colour choices. The Amazfit Lite comes only a single colour choice, Black, whereas the Amazfit Bip offers four colour choices – Black, White, Red and Green.

The straps on each device have multiple holes to adjust as per the wrist size. Both Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite are 32g of weight with straps, whereas the Amazfit Bip 2 weighs 25g without straps.

When it comes to strap width, the Amazfit Bip strap is 22mm and Amazfit Bip 2 and Bip Lite version have 20mm strap on each.


Comparing the price of all the Amazfit Bip versions will tell you how technology speaks at all. You can see the difference clearly as all the devices have independent features.

The Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip 2 and Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatches cost you at 399 RMB, 699 RMB, and 299 RMB respectively.


Well, this is the end of comparison between Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip 2 and Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch. Have you cleared the differences between them?

As per the discussion, the Amazfit Bip 2 can be a valuable gift for parents. Similarly, the Amazfit Bip Lite smart band is best for ordinary people, whereas the Amazfit Bip can be a productive device for professional sportspersons.

Which category you fall in and what you need in a smartwatch? The choice is up to you.


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