AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes Announced

Last year, in April, Xiaomi announced its first smart shoes designed and made by Mijia. Something like that happened a year later. Today, the manufacturer announced the AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes. As the name suggests, it is made by Huami Technology. These new sneakers are priced at 199 yuan ($31) only.

AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes

The upper design of the AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes is inspired by the curve of the flow of modern architecture. The use of hot melt film molding process not only retains the characteristics of double jacquard weaving fabric and soft fit but also allows the shoe body to wrap the foot. The upgraded transparent waterproof layer of the covers takes into account the heat dissipation and outdoor light waterproof.

AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes

Its design is based on ergonomics. The AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes are designed according to the orientation of the bones. It uses an innovative material of ERC. The latter effectively absorbs the impact force of the ground and feeds back the energy evenly to the foot. The outsole adopts total palm abrasion resistant rubber partitioned floor-to-ceiling textures to provide excellent grip performance with strong anti-wear and anti-slip properties.

AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes

Of course, we are dealing with smart shoes. The AMAZFIT Antelope Light Outdoor Running Shoes comes with a built-in Miji Wisecore 2nd generation chip. The latter not only records the basic movement data such as daily steps, mileage, and calories burnt, but also support a ‘running mode’ and accurately calculates and records the ratio of the forefoot, touchdown time, vacancy during running, and other more professional sports data.

There are a few color options and sizes. The AMAZFIT Antelope Light Running Shoes Men comes in Black, Gray, and Vibrant Orange are available in sizes from 39-45, while the women’s models are available in Black, Mint Green, and Rose Powder at sizes from 35-40.


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