Alleged Xiaomi Mi 8 shows up with placeholder on Mi Store

There had been rumors of the possibility of us getting a Xiaomi Mi 8 this year instead of the Mi 7 if normal numbering convention was to have been followed. This is backed up by the fact that this year would mark the 8th year anniversary of the Chinese OEM and they might want to celebrate it in style, much like Apple did with their iPhone X.

If the new information we have now holds any water, that might be shaping up to be the truth.

A screenshot of the official MI App Store (pictured below) shows what is supposed to be the Xiaomi Mi 8 alongside other units that are going on sale. It is surprising to see that from the screenshot, there is no mention of the Mi 7 at all.

Xiaomi Mi 8 sighting on Mi App store

This Xiaomi Mi 8 could be another thing

Surprisingly, there is no image of the phone on the page. Rather, we have a designed ‘8’ put in place.

What is confusing in all of this is that the company itself is yet to release any official statement to confirm or debunk the coming of such a phone. Likewise, we don’t have much information on the possible specs of the Mi 8 if it is to become a possibility.

So far, we have only been able to gather that the unit will also have a top-notch like that of the iPhone X. The catch here is that this notch will be wider than the one seen on most notched screens this day.

For now, we will advise that you take this piece of news with a pinch of salt. It won’t be difficult for a rumor-monger to modify a screenshot of the Mi App store page, so we cannot be really sure. As soon as official information on the details of the phone emerges though, we will surely be the first to let you know.



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