Alfawise ZK8077: A reliable alternative to your cleaning assistant

To capture the attention of customers, Alfawise has introduced the Alfawise ZK8077 vacuum, which is a robotic device with an automatic sensor used to clean dirt and dust at home. In the initial stage, it has been introduced in gray color and a circular pattern. This cleaning assistant has been packed with many advanced functions for cleaning, thus been able to clean every corner of the home in an autonomous way. In this way, the time has come to get rid of the laborious physical cleansing techniques. The user can program it for multitasking automatically. Likewise, it has the programmed capacity to explore and navigate the house and clean the necessary corners regardless of the obstacles. A great alternative to any of the generation of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. If you want to know the best about this device, continue reading this article.

Alfawise ZK8077: Design

The Alfawise ZK8077 has a size of 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.50 cm and a weight of 3.1 kg. Unfortunately, you can not choose the color, because as we mentioned earlier, the Alfawise ZK8077 is only available in a gray version.

The vacuum cleaner has a round shape and a matte surface. On the top panel are the status indicators and the touch buttons: operating modes, return to the load base, deferred cleaning time, etc. At the bottom, we see three wheels (two driving and one for steering), sensors of the navigation system, the main and side brush to collect the garbage, the contacts of the docking station and a garbage container. Finally, on the side face, there are ventilation holes.

Alfawise ZK8077: Design

The main sensory organ is the bumper and the proximity sensors on the front panel. They prevent the vacuum from hitting walls or other objects nearby. In addition, the bumper is protected against scratches by a rubber strip. On top of this strip, IR sensors are installed for communication with the remote control and the charging base.

By the way, the delivery kit also includes a charging station, a remote control, a virtual wall, an adapter, an additional filter, a user manual, a cleaning brush, and 4 additional brushes.

Alfawise ZK8077: Features and control

The new Alfawise vacuum cleaner has a voice memory function. In the event that the bin is completely full, the battery is exhausted or some other malfunction occurs, the vacuum will inform you about this with a beep. Another good feature of the vacuum cleaner is the function of deferred cleaning. If necessary, you can set the timer and the cleaning robot will start cleaning at the specified time.

Thanks to the virtual wall device, you can limit the work area of the vacuum cleaner. The virtual wall works with two AA batteries, creating an IR beam where the robot is not able to go further. The transmission distance is not more than 3m.

Alfawise ZK8077: Features and control

On the other hand, you can control the vacuum in two ways: the buttons on the top panel or the remote control. The latter gives access to all the basic functions of the robot vacuum cleaner: it can control, operate, program and monitor the robot. However, you can remotely control the device at a distance of no more than 4m. In it, there are separate buttons for cleaning modes. There are also “CLOCK” buttons to set the clock and “PLAN” to set the daily cleaning schedule. The directional buttons allow you to control the movement of the vacuum manually. The START button serves to instruct the the Alfawise ZK8077 to return to the charging station. The control works with two AAA batteries.

Alfawise ZK8077: Cleaning and operation modes

The vacuum cleaner is integrated with 3 optional cleaning modes that must meet all cleaning requirements to achieve maximum efficiency. These modes include zigzag mode, edge mode, and spot cleaning. With these modes, it is sure that there will be no area in the home that escapes from a proper cleaning.

It also comes with two main cleaning brushes (one to sweep dirt and the other to pick it up) and removes dirt that is difficult to clean. Additionally, it has an incredible power of absorption 1000pa that will get rid of the rest that has not been collected, ensuring that there is no dirt on the floor. In this way, you can efficiently clean dirt, dust, and hair from the floor of your home. In addition, it is equipped with a 700ml large capacity trash can and a 700ml water tank, which provides a scrubbing and drying stage option to remove even the toughest dirt and thus ensure a complete cleaning for your home.

Alfawise ZK8077: Autonomy

The device is powered by a powerful 2000mAh battery. With this, the Alfawise ZK8077 robot can work up to 100-120 minutes in a single general charge. In addition, the aspirator automatically returns to its base of operations to recharge when the battery is low or when it finishes its cleaning session. Before we forget it, it works silently with a noise level of less than 60db, you will never feel any discomfort when it is working.

Alfawise ZK8077: Specifications Table

Brand Alfawise
Kind Cleaning robot
Model ZK8077
Input voltage/current 24V/1A
Power 24W
Trash bin capacity 0.7L
Remote control Yes. 2 1.5V AAA batteries
Transmission distance Less than 4 meters
Virtual wall Yes. IR beam of 3 meters.
Features Works with 2 AA batteries
Product weight 3.1000 kg
Package weight 4.5750 kg
Product size 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.50 cm
Package size 41.00 x 49.00 x 15.00 cm
Alfawise ZK8077 robot vacuum, charging station, remote control (batteries not included), wall blocking, user manual in English, extra filter, power adapter, cleaning brush, four extra cleaning brushes.

Alfawise ZK8077: Availability and price

After having known the features of the Alfawise ZK8077 we hope you have been convinced to acquire this economical cleaning robot. This is a great investment if you are a very busy person who needs comfort when doing the cleaning in your home or office. If you have finally convinced yourself and you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? We invite you to the Gearbest online store where you will find it available for a small price of $186.99 (€159). In this way, we urge you not to wait any longer and get your home assistant as soon as possible. To make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we leave you the direct link to the product page.

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