Alfawise Y1 Review | Enjoy A Lot Of Functions In Your Wristwatch

Alfawise Y1 is the kind of smartwatch by which users can record their all day activities and also monitor their health records. We can also enjoy music both audios and videos by it. It has also a slot for a sim card. So, we use it as a phone and there is also a slot for SD card.  Moreover, there are too many functions which will encourage us to buy it as early as possible.

Alfawise Y1 Review


Aluminum is the case material for those kinds of a watch. The main benefit for using aluminum is, when we use it in a watch then it will be light in weight compared to others type of material. Another point is, the shape of this watch is round shape by which it looks more gorgeous. Its screen size is not too big or too small moreover it is standard.  It has also an option to put a TF card up to 32 GB by which we can store a lot of information.

Phone function

We can use it as a mini-phone. There is an individual slot for a sim card in which we can put our sim card. We can also text by the message option. It has also the Bluetooth option by which we can transfer data, files from one source to another. Ringtone and Vibration are also two important part of its function phone. Because of it when a call comes we can easily track that and vibration can be used when we are in a busy place or in times of ringing alarm clock.

Entertainment function

It has the functions like mp3, mp4 and also Bluetooth. So, by using it we can also enjoy both audio and video music’s which also reduces to carry other music players. By Bluetooth music, we can play music or others telecast program. So, Alfawise Y1 brings about a lot of advanced features which is essential and convenient.

Call function

Incall function it has the option phone book by which we can save the profiles (names, phone numbers etc.) Another function is called history which is used to store the data that is; who calls, whom the user calls, call duration etc. Bluetooth calling and call remainder is also available which is very useful because by call remainder helps to give a signal to call a specific person whose profile we save.


By using a camera, we can take pictures easily. Moreover, it also reduces the problem of carrying a camera or other gadgets. The journalist or others people who are related to secret information taking they can use it without any risk.  It has also an option which is a remote camera. By it, a person can take his pictures easily without the help of others.

Sync Calendar

By calendar feature, we can know the date and also know the future. But here important point is sometimes we need to check the calendar and on that, we usually need to pull out our mobile phone. So, this will reduce this problem.

BT Message

This means we can use social media like Facebook, We chat, QQ and others by it. In every time we cannot use our laptop or phone. In that time sometimes we need to connect with this and by using a smartwatch like Alfawise Y1 we can easily do. Moreover, it also notifies when a sender sends a message or notification.

Language support

It supports a lot number of languages like; English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, French, and many others. That means a large number of people who know the various language can also use this. Moreover, people from different countries can use it in their own languages.

Screen Size and Screen resolution

Its screen size is quite large compared to other smartwatches. As it supports video player and also other, like Facebook; QQ so a minimum a size is needed.

Screen resolution is needed when we watch a video or attend a video call. And its screen resolution is also quite standard.

Health Tracker

It has so many features which are done for monitoring the health.  It has an option sleep monitor which is to measure how much time the users sleep on a particular day. Motion meter is used to measure the motion. It also measures how much distance totally covered by the users and also mention the total calorie earn by the user.

Some other functions

Sports pedometer, exercise tachograph are also two features. By sports pedometer, we can maintain how many steps we pass and how much time we need.

Exercise tachograph is used to measure the time elapse for exercise and also work rate.


The price of alfawiseY1 is affordable to everyone even the lower- middle-class people. With its price keep in mind, it gives a lot of features which is absent in other brands. Moreover, it also gives a USB cable and an English language manual in free of cost. So, it can be said that its price is affordable in most of the peoples’ concern.

What we don’t like

Nowadays most of the device which supports Bluetooth has a version of Bluetooth 5.0. But, alfawiseY1 has a Bluetooth 3.0. Another is its screen resolution can be more advanced compared to its present situation.


  • Its aesthetic view is quite exceptional
  • Easy to use
  • Size is Standard


  • Screen resolution can be higher.
  • Battery capacity needs to backup more.
  • Bluetooth needs to be updated.


Alfawise Y1 is a device which makes a common smartwatch to become an advanced type of smartwatch and enjoy various features more comfortably.  As it gives too many facilities like easy communication facilities, take health record, phone and call function, easy to maintain and moreover, its price is affordable we can easily buy not only for our enjoyment in times of entertainment but also has some essential features which can be used in a regular basis.

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