Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer Review: Superb sound for an affordable price

Priced at $56.99, the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer is well tailored to undercut the competition and deliver a surround sound experience

Soundbars are nothing new, and the whole tech market is full of different types of soundbars. However, when you start your research to find a good soundbar, you will not find a good one in a budget segment. All the excellent quality soundbars are available in the high price range and mostly dominated by companies like SONY or Xiaomi. Even if the price is not a matter for you, they are merely running the same technology, as in the old version of soundbars. What if we tell you, now Alfawise has also started manufacturing soundbars. Isn’t it amazing! Recently Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer has been released by the company. Just a while back we got our hands on the latest speakers, and now its time to check is it really offering some value to the customer.

The popularity of soundbars is rapidly rising following various modifications in portable Bluetooth speakers in China. With the market of speakers growing, Alfawise also decided not to lag behind and unveiled a budget version of the soundbar to the market. The Alfawise XBR-08 is a soundbar transformer featuring built-in equalizer and remote control in addition.

4 x 10W sounding unit + 2 x passive radiator, perfect for displaying the tri-band effect of sound


Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer Specifications:
Bluetooth emitters : V4.2 + EDR
FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Frequency: 150 Hz – 15 kHz
Bluetooth radius : 10 meters
Driver unit: 2 “(52 mm) x 4
Resistance: 4 Ohm
SNR: 75 dB or more
Stereo imbalance: 2 dB or less
Distortion factor: THD 10 percent or more
Power: 40 W
Power supply: AC 100 – 240 60/50 Hz, DC output 18 V, 2 A
Remote control: powered by 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included)
Product weight:  1.5880 kg
Packaging weight: 2.2880 kg
Package size: 60.50 x 16.50 x 12.00 cm
Supports Bluetooth 4.2, USB, TF card, optical, line-in,
4 x 10 W speakers + 2 passive


The Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer arrives in a nice & big cardboard packaging. The original box carrying the soundbar is inside the first box. We believe Gearbest just “twisted” the original box and wrapped it in transparent tape.

Alfawise XBR-08
However, you shouldn’t worry too much about the integrity and safety of the soundbars. The insides of the cardboard protected by an extra layer of foam solders for each of its “compartment”.

Alfawise XBR-08
Nowadays,big manufacturers are becoming a miser, and except for the product, they are not providing any freebie to the customers. However, Alfawise was not stingy, the soundbar indulges with the presence of different bundled cables, and even an optical cable was added to the kit. Trifle, but nice.
Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08
Meter AUX 3.5 jack cable.  Alfawise XBR-08
Audio Cable Jack 3.5 for 2 tulips – 1 meter.  Alfawise XBR-08The audio cable to combine both the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer. There are two different cables for different scenarios, 15 cm cable when using the column as a soundbar and a meter cable with a separate connection.

Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08

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Fastening, also comes with the kit.  Alfawise XBR-08

Power Adapter – 18 Volt, 2 Ampere.  Alfawise XBR-08
Instruction manual in English.Alfawise XBR-08
Plastic stand, with anti-skid feet.  Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08The Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer also provides a multi-functional remote controller. With the remote controller, you can not only switch tracks or pause them, but also select the sound source, control the equalizer and volume.
Alfawise XBR-08
The remote controller is powered by two AAA batteries (mini-fingered).
Alfawise XBR-08

With remote control for comfortable and convenient operation

Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer Appearance:

The Alfawise XBR-08 comes with two different soundbars. They are properly packed in a plastic bag, not only these, but also each column is covered in a thin film.
Alfawise XBR-08

While looking at the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar, we got a mixed feeling from these speakers. Firstly, everything seems nice and pretty, but at the same time, some trifles spoil the looks.
Alfawise XBR-08
The soundbar comes with an anti-slip piece of rubber with jagged edges. While using the column as a soundbar, this is not much noticeable, however when you separate columns, it immediately catches the eye.
Alfawise XBR-08

Behind the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar, there is a plastic mount on the wall and “tongue” of the cable, so as not to droop and dangle.
Alfawise XBR-08

“Toungue” is only present in the first part, as its missing in the second part of the column.

Alfawise XBR-08Moreover, a plastic column mount is available on both the columns for easy mounting on the wall. Instead of the usual tear-shaped slit, Alfawise has utilized a cross design.

Alfawise XBR-08
Audio connector for connecting both the speakers in “one piece“.
Alfawise XBR-08

The Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar features a “glossy” plastic panel on top, which collects a lot of fingerprints.Alfawise XBR-08

The front part of the speakers come with a metal mesh for uninterrupted sound, and on the sides, there are plastic inserts.
Alfawise XBR-08
The main speakers feature a connector for the power supply, the optical port, and the AUX input. The long and thin cable is the antenna of the built-in radio.
Alfawise XBR-08
On the top of the main speakers, you can find the control buttons, the slot for the microSD card and the USB port.
Alfawise XBR-08

For connecting bot the columns in a soundbar, you have to just insert the “hooks” into the slots and make a turn. Both the columns are fastened very tightly, if you don’t know that there are two of them, you won’t understand that the column is not solid. Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08

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You can also insert speakers into stands, and connect them with a long cable and use them as two stereo speakers.
Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08


Can be placed together or separately, suitable for all kinds of home decor styles, and can feel the shocking sound brought by the left and right channels

Unfortunately, we just could not make out these columns. Inside, everything is glued, like all the screws unscrewed, and disassemble, without breaking, does not work.  Alfawise XBR-08
Inside the net, there are two speakers with a capacity of 10 watts.
Alfawise XBR-08
The mode indicator and the IR receiver are located in the corner under the grid.
Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08


After connecting Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar with the power, you can select the sound source or FM radio station.
Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08
You can also connect the column via Bluetooth with a smartphone or TV.
Alfawise XBR-08

Supports Bluetooth 4.2, USB, TF card, optical, line IN, AUX, multiple device interfaces for easy connection

If you are inserting a microSD card or USB flash drive with MP3, the music will start playing automatically. When you turn on/off the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar with the remote control – the selected mode does not get lost. It means you don’t have to choose the method of playing every time you switch on the speakers. However, this cannot be said about the volume, and if it is set for a maximum of 32 points, it will drop to the average – 15 points.
Alfawise XBR-08

While playing a track from a memory card or flash drive, the time from the beginning of the track is displayed.
Alfawise XBR-08

You can also see the volume configuration of the device from the display. When the maximum volume is reached, each press of the volume button is accompanied by a beep.Alfawise XBR-08 Alfawise XBR-08
One thing we definitely like with the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar is its built-in six equalizer modes. Moreover, they are not just for show, and the sound in different modes is entirely different.
Alfawise XBR-08

The length of one column is 47.3 centimeters, and the collected soundbar, respectively, is 94.6 centimeters.
Alfawise XBR-08

Width is about 6 centimeters.  Alfawise XBR-08
If we compare in size, then Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar is clearly bigger than Xiaomi soundbar, just under 43 inch TV.
Alfawise XBR-08


37-inch length, to meet the needs of different scenes


There is not only the size difference between Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar and Xiaomi soundbar, but it is also louder as well. However, one thing we notice with the Alfawise XBR-08 is after 30 points of loudness, unlike Xiaomi, the speakers begin to wheeze disgustingly, and the hand itself reaches for the console to lower the volume. But even at 29-30 points the volume is enough even in abundance, the soundbar really came out loud.

Regarding sound quality its hard for us to call it ideal, even though it comes with equalizer settings which save the situation a bit but still there is not enough bass, plus the high frequencies clearly dominate at any equalizer setting. If you want to use the soundbar not as a musical column, but as an addition to the TV speakers, and compare it with the regular speakers, then the Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar wins. The speakers convey speech very well, special effects and other news, and even in the soundbar format, the stereo component is entirely vocalized.

Where to buy Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer?

The Alfawise XBR-08 soundbar transformer is available at Gearbest for just $56.99.


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