Alfawise X1 Review| A Folding electric bike with a lot of features

An electric bike is a common device for transporting conveniently and nowadays it is used almost every country in the world. Alfawise X1 is a brand which also produces electric bikes with a lot of features which is absent in the other brands’ product. This type of bike is a folding bike which makes it more interesting. Besides, a user can use it in times of emergency situation as it is faster than public transports or other transports. Moreover, its handlebar which makes it more comfortable for the user for better riding experience.

Alfawise X1 Review


The design of this bike is not too much complex, still, it looks outstanding. Its usual color is black which makes it standard to look. It is made of aluminum alloy so its weight is quite light. The seat is comfortable as it is a sports seat and a user can use it for a long time. Besides, LED light is placed in front of it so a user can see the surroundings in the dark place. However, it looks like a normal bike as its motor, battery, and other devices are covered in a frame.


The device is also ergonomically appropriate as it is very easy to use and also comfortable. Also, a user can run it faster compares to other bikes and a user can adjust the seat height and wheel adjustment with the user choices. Besides, this can be used by both the teenagers and also the adults because of its comfortability, easy to use and simple design. Another is its steering wheel which is composed of rubber so it is very comfortable for the user to handle.

Different modes

Alfawise X1 electric bike can be used in two ways. One way is to use the electric power mode which is run through power is usually used. But, in times when its battery becomes low, a user can use it by operating the manual mode. So, with the user preferences, it can be used in different ways.

Battery Capacity

Its battery capacity is quite stronger which is7.8 Ah Li-ion. Using this, a user can travel up to 30 km at a time. So, it is simply that a user can use it for covering a long distance. Even when the user may face the low battery of the bike at that time the user can use the manual mode. So, the user need not too much tensed with the remaining battery as it has also a backup option

FoldingAlfawise X1 Review

One of its essential features is, it can fold which makes simply carry this device. Even when the user travels another country or city, the user can take it with him/her for using it on various occasions. A user can carry it on the bus or train by folding it and after leaving the train or bus, the user can use this device for covering the path of destiny.

 Inflatable Rubber TiresAlfawise X1 Review

Its tire is composed of rubber which is also inflatable. So, a user can use it even in the uneven surfaces which make it more functional. Besides, a user can use this electric bike in the mountains as its tires are inflatable.

Efficient disc brake

Its disc brake is efficient and durable. Its brake either in the front or the rear tires, its brake is safer and a user can ride it safely.


Riding of Alfawise X1 is very easy to ride for both the young and adult people. Its break is very well so the user can use it safely. Besides, its average speed is comparatively higher than the normal bikes so a user can use it for minimizing the waste of time. Moreover, it is very simple to ride just follow the proper method of riding this kind of bikes.

Powerful motor

Its motor is powerful that it can give 25 per km speed which is very high. Besides, even in the surfaces which are not flat, a user can still cover the distance with great speed.

Adjustable height of the saddle and the handlebar

Normally, it is difficult for the short people to ride a bike as they cannot adjust with the saddle of most of the bikes. But, Alfawise, X1 electric has an option of adjusting both the saddle and handlebar. So, this bike can be used for any kind of people.

Charge time

The duration of charging the Alfawise X1 electric bike does not need a long time. It just needs 5 hours to completely charge itself and make ready for the user to use.


In its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), a user can see the speed, miles coverage, time duration, and other several information’s in the display which is useful for a user.

Product Size

Usually, it looks like large in size. But, when a user folds it its parts size are pretty short in size which makes it easier for the user to carry.

Product weight

Usually, most of the normal bikes weight is so heavy but, the weight of Alfawise X1 electric bike is quite light compares to others bike.


Price is always a significant point before buying a product. Here, the price of Alfawise X1 is comparatively low compares other reputed brands even, it has some features which are absent in the other brands’ bike. Besides, a user can get a lot of things such as some wrenches, a charger, a manual etc. in free of cost.

What we don’t like

As nothing is without its faults, it has also some lacking. One is, it has no rear light which makes a user faces some difficulties in various occasions. Another is, speed meter needs to be to measure the speed of the bike for which a user needs to bear another cost. Though its price is comparatively lower than other brands, still it is out of the hand of most of the customers.


Alfawise X1 electric bike is a device having a lot of features and a significant amount of functions. Its design is simple and it is very easy to use so people at any ages can use this bike. Besides, it can be used in both electric and manual modes. Moreover, it can be used on the uneven surfaces which are very uncommon in most of the brands’ bike. Lastly, its price, which is comparatively lower than most of the other brands.


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