[11.11 Sale] Alfawise WS-960: Vacuum Window Cleaner For Just $153.99

The Alfawise WS–960 Robot Window Cleaner which helps us to clean those dirty and strong-headed stains on our windows. This device is of high quality which will be of big help to us both in the home or office. It cleans a 3838 window in less than 3 minutes thanks to its 2.5min / sqm ultra-fast cleaning speed. This is an ideal cleaner for large shop windows of restaurants, hotels, clothes stores, shopping malls such as KFC, McDonald, HM, Walmart, etc.

Buy Alfawise WS–960 Robot Window Cleaner Just at $153.99


The button itself contains a button to turn the Alfawise WS-960 on and off. At the end of the handle, there is a cord through which the robot washer is powered by the mains. On the right side of the handle, the company logo and the model are printed in silver letters. At the bottom, near the handle itself, there is a speaker. The design of the robot’s front panel is completed with black inserts on the edges of the case.

There are two rubber track wheels on the bottom, which move the robot to clean the windows on the surface. In the middle, there is around air inlet. All this is framed by a microfiber cloth. The inner edge of the wipes is fitted with rubberized scrapers, which improve the cleaning quality. And on each edge of the body, there are small wheels that facilitate the movement of the Alfawise WS-960.


The Alfawise WS 960 Robot Window Cleaner features a smart processor which can detect “N”, “Z”, “N+Z”, three cleaning routes and also automatically change, wipe out dust thoroughly. Moreover, it also features a 2800 PA strong suction which firmly stuck on the glass. The suction power is so reliable that even a 7kg water bottle cannot drag it down. Also, Alfawise WS 960 sports a massive battery for long-time high-efficiency cleaning.

Its reinforced and non-slip pads help the device in avoiding slippery and skipping situations while providing a clean window. The latest robotic cleaner utilizes motion current sensing system, and this allows the device to accurately sense the window frame and avoid stuck in the frame edge. With its 4 LEDs indicating remaining power users can know the remaining power and how long the robot will still suck on windows.

Being a smart device Alfawise WS 960 Robot Window Cleaner is fully compatible with an App that you can download from PlayStore. It enables the user to utilize the machine while sitting on the couch. The App is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Where To Shop

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Buy Alfawise WS–960 Robot Window Cleaner Just at $153.99


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