Alfawise WS – 1060 Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine offered for $185.99

Alfawise WS – 1060 Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine ,has 99% ultra-high cleaning rate. Ultra-fast cleaning speed is 50% higher than the previous generation. The composite rubber track with glass fiber has a service life of more than 400 hours, which is 400% higher than similar products on the market. High-end Italian chip + smart sensor + new upgrade path planning algorithm for new user experience. Combine the remote and mobile App control for easy operation. You don’t have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your window right from your smart robot.

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Effortless Operation, Make Your Glass Clean As New

you can clean your glass without stress,its powerful cleaning that rates up to 99%. One key start, apply manual remote App control to have a thorough cleaning in four direction. Asi it has an intelligent chip automatical cleaning, that gives you a smart user experience.


its equipped with a free and flexible rotate that moves in order to avoid being stuck in frame edge; it always inductively  wipe, and automatically avoid obstacle, it makes sure it leaves no dead corner.the products automatically detection compensation absorption , real time monitoring air pressure condition; 2800pa strong suction, firmly climbs on glass, even at 7kg water can not drag it to fall off.


The use of the reinforced, anti skid tank track, longer lasting more durable, can work continuously for more than 400h. sucks still on glass for more than 30 minutes and send alarm when electricity suddenly cuts off. it has a low noise design that wont interfere with your quiet life.with high density rag that leaves the dust collection hydrated into one  it doesn’t only  cleans glass but also, wood, tiles and more

Where to buy The Alfawise WS – 1060 Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine

The Alfawise WS – 1060 Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine is available on Gearbest for just $185.99




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