Alfawise WF808 Review [at $14.99 Right Now]

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The Alfawise WF808 is a combo of a selfie stick and a tripod. In modern-day busy life people like to have photos of their life as memories, and selfies are preferred by many of us. What if a selfie stick could solve entire problems related to selfie captures?

The Alfawise WF808 is a cheap combo type selfie stick. The various aspects and benefits along with lacking of this product will be reviewed here.

Alfawise WF808 Review

Alfawise WF808 Review

The Design

The Alfawise WF808 is simple in design. It has an optimized design to hold the phone at the center and the base is of three-legged tripod type. The stand is of Aluminium alloy material which ensures the strength of the base.

The gadget has no extra cord to connect the phone. Overall the simple design helps the tripod selfie stick to carry with ease.

Main features of Alfawise WF808

Alfawise WF808 Aluminum Alloy Private Mode Tripod Selfie Stick Combo

Smart Fitting

The Alfawise WF808 can hold a wide range of devices, supporting almost all gadgets which are used to click selfies. Android phones of various shapes, iPhones even Go pro and Digital cameras can be fitted in Alfawise WF808.

The mobile phone bracket in this device can revolve 360 degrees and is stretchable. This helps the bracket to fit any device of various sizes to be firm yet rigidly be fitted to the selfie stick.

You do not need to worry about the safety of your phone about being dropped of loosening up during clicking selfies anymore.

Body Material

The tripod material is of anti-skid Aluminium alloy type. This anti-skid nature of the pull rod of this selfie stick ensures a tight grip and prevents any incident of slipping off the rod during operation. During taking wide selfies, pull the rod as long as needed without worry.

At the bottom of the pod, there is anti-skid footpad to support the gadget. This anti-skid pad prevents the legs of the pod during taking any selfies in self-timer mode.

Self-timer Pole

This selfie is one of the new gadgets, the type that supports self-timer. This helps the user to click selfies with more comfort.

Alfawise WF808 Aluminum Alloy Private Mode Tripod Selfie Stick Combo

Stable Structure

The 3 tripods and middle upright design are very stable. The high and low adjustments are gear mounted and controlled that way, providing better support and stability.

The strong structure provides resistance to wind perfectly and strongly, thus ensuring that the pod and the phone or other devices mounted to it will not face any threat due to wind flow.

Light Weight

Selfie sticks are always part of those extra gadgets that we need to carry but consider as burdens. The shape and weight of this gadget being considerably odd and heavy respectively can always upset you.

Alfawise WF808, however, will not upset you is a heavy burden to you. This structurally strong alloy material made stick weighs only 160g, making it easy to carry with.

The Remote Control

Alfawise WF808 comes with an amazing Bluetooth supported remote control. This round nest type Bluetooth remote control helps to click selfies remotely.  It eliminates the need of connecting cords that are often and generally found in other selfie sticks.


This selfie stick is compatible with iPhone, Android phones and tablets as well. This helps you to use your selfie stick with all your available mobile devices and take selfies whenever you need to.

Alfawise WF808 Aluminum Alloy Private Mode Tripod Selfie Stick Combo

No app Requirement

This device is controlled using Bluetooth remote control. However, this device does not need additional applications generally known as apps to connect the phones or take selfies. Thus it keeps the user free of handling another problem of app installation to the mobile devices.

CE, FCC certification

This tripod selfie stick has CE, FCC certification to prove its performance value and worth.

Functions of Alfawise WF808

The Alfawise WF808 has the following functions

  • Supports wireless photo capturing
  • Tripod structure to take self-timed selfies
  • Anti-lost function available
  • 360-degree revolving photo capture
  • Stretchable mobile bracket
  • Easy carrying with rope mouth storage bag
  • Self-timed selfie option supported

The pros and cons in Alfawise WF808

The pros in Alfawise WF808

  • Aluminum alloy pull rod providing greater strength
  • Anti-skid pull rod and anti-skid footpad provide greater support and grip
  • The slippage proof features ensure the security of phones and devices will not fall off the grip during selfie clicking
  • No extra cord or cable to be connected to the phone
  • Bluetooth remote helps to take selfies conveniently
  • Non-requirement of additional app saves from the hectic time-consuming app set-up
  • The strong design provides support against wind flow
  • Top grade reasonable design with better texture
  • The selfie stick is easy to use
  • The design allows it to be easy in carrying
  • Comes with rope mouth bag which helps to carry it easily

Lacking in Alfawise WF808

The Alfawise WF808 is almost a perfect tripod selfie stick. It has mere small lacking which can be stated as follows

  • Users may take time to understand Bluetooth remote function
  • Tripod set-up may always not be necessary

The package comes with-

  • 1 x Alfawise WF808 Selfie Stick Tripod
  • 1 x Foldable Phone Holder
  • 1 x Screw and Camera Mount
  • 1 x Bluetooth Remote Shutter with Holder
  • 1 x Wrist strap
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Storage Bag


The Alfawise WF808 is a modernly designed tripod selfie stick. It has attractive texture, good material quality. The anti-skid nature of the pull rod and anti-skid footpad makes it very reliable to mount your phones to this gadget. The Bluetooth remote control makes this selfie stick easier and convenient to be used.

Additional apps or cables are not required, so the entire process of taking selfies becomes less hectic. The Aluminium alloy pull rod ensures the strength of the gadget. Resistance against wind also makes the user free of the tension of wind blow.

Overall, this tripod selfie is a tension free, easy to use lovely selfie companion in its price group.


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