Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dual SLAM Offered For $129.99(Coupon)

We all know the bad things about a dirty environment which includes infectious diseases and public health burden. When exhausted by the day’s work, we tend to relax with music rather than sweep the floor. By virtue of the new Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, there is no need to clean house by yourself. The sweeper can work autonomously and provide you with a tidy home. It can navigate through house and bypass barriers. Moreover, when the power of the battery is low, the device will automatically come back to the docking station and recharge. Why not take one home and try out? I believe you won’t regret it and your wife would love your the more for this your kind gesture.

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Coupobn Code: GBPLV8S321

Main Features:

  • Dual SLAM system, intelligent gyroscope navigation+PSD positioning sensor application, precise positioning, comprehensive planning
  • BLDC brushless motor provides stronger suction, higher work efficacy and longer working time than normal motors
  • Super suction, 1300pa in the main cleaning mode, can easily absorb dust and hair
  • The remote control is more convenient to control, providing edge/spotlanning optional modes to free hands
  • Automatic recharging when finishing work or in low power, also support direct charge through the control panel or remote control
  • Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery provides enough power for the robot to work for 90 – 120 minutes
  • 19.1cm length of the roller brush, the longest in the industry and the best one clearance rate
  • Targeted to deal with a variety of dust on different grounds, deep clean the floor gap and lengthen the double brush
  • 1.5cm obstacle crossing function can climb a steep slope of 15 degree
  • All kinds of home floors, carpets, tiles, can be perfectly adapted
Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dual SLAM with Intelligent Gyroscope Navigation- Black

Alfawise V8S looks like all its compatriots and therefore all robot vacuums on the market. The product is thus in the form of a round device mounted on wheels, with a series of sensors placed all around him. The device is black and it will have no difficulty to be forgotten once placed on its charging station. The offer is solid in terms of sensors and the device will be perfectly able to move in your rooms without knocking your furniture. If you wish, you can also control it remotely with your phone, through the dedicated application.

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Alfawise has also opted for a solid engine, an engine capable of delivering a suction power of between 880 and 1300 Pa. The vacuum cleaner is quite quiet and it will not exceed 65 dB in noise pollution, which is rather a good thing. The charging time is between 4 and 6 hours, but the vacuum cleaner can operate between 90 and 120 minutes in one go.

It will also be able to climb obstacles of 1.5 cm and it can even climb slopes of 15 degrees. Attention by cons, because its dust tank offers a capacity of 350 ml only and it will, therefore, think to empty it every day to maintain correct suction power. Especially if you have pets at home.

Coupobn Code: GBPLV8S321



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