[Coupon] Alfawise V6 TWS In-ear Earbuds: For Just $22.99

The Alfawise V6 TWS is a fully wireless headset that stands out from its peers with outstanding 5-hour operating time and excellent sound quality from the manufacturer. Of course, the box is not only for storage but also for charging (wirelessly as the box has its own battery). So you can use it for a total of 90 hours, even when you’re on the go. Not expensive, currently available for around $25.

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Buy Alfawise V6 TWS In-ear Earbuds Just at $22.99


The Alfawise V6 is a clear, glossy, black, wireless headset with a more interesting ear-fit fit. The box is also black, but with a transparent lid. It has some limited resistance to water, so it won’t hurt the rain or sweat, making it even more ideal for performing various physical activities. The waterproofing of the headset is the IPX7 standard.

Alfawise V6 TWS Features

The Alfawise V6 TWS also have a 50mAh battery with a portable recharge box that offers additional juice in the form of 2600mAh. So, don’t worry about the low battery anymore. The charging case can charge the earbuds for about 18 times. In addition, headphones can be used within 10 meters of the source. These Bluetooth In-ear Earbuds are specially designed for music lovers looking for wireless headphones. Enjoy multiple features such as Bluetooth Standard 5.0 or the ability to connect headphones to two devices simultaneously.

Alfawise V6 TWS offers great quality in mono and stereo audio formats and is easy to use in day-to-day routine while keeping you in mind with no wires like classic headphones. It is compatible with multiple types of devices. From Android through iOS to Windows devices. In addition, the headphones offer high sound quality including HiFi sound support.

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Verdict & Buy

The Alfawise V6 TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Earbuds delivers a superior sound experience, with the built-in audio chip, you will almost feel that you are present or a test of your favorite band. It is now available on Gearbest For Just at $22.99. Click the following Button For Order now:

Coupon Code: 11AV6TWSA11

Buy Alfawise V6 TWS In-ear Earbuds Just at $22.99

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