(Coupon) Alfawise V10 Max 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $219.99

Another robotic vacuum cleaner came from Alfawise, Alfawise V10 Max. Although it is not just a vacuum purifier, it can be washed as required. Its favorable rate can make it an attractive desire as it’s far presently only $219.99.

Coupon Code: ALFAV10MAX

Buy Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner Just at $219.99


The entire room by laser radar expanded to 360 ° to draw an accurate and complete real-time map and obstacle points to mark with the algorithm SLAM, to create an effective cleaning mode. 450ml high capacity water tank with precise control of the electronic pump and three-speed regulation, uniform infiltration of water and fast drying, water stop flowing during charging, this robot carried out intelligent cleaning!


Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner wipes and sponges since, besides the 400ml powder container, you will also find a large 450ml water container. The bottom has two rotary brushes, and a large central brush at the suction point, with the Alfawise V10 Max having 2200Pa suction power. At the top, you will find a Laser Sensor Module that maps your space in real-time so the broom can know where it has gone, and what it still has. In total, you will find 32 different sensors that protect the vacuum cleaner from collisions, falls and other adversities.

The Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner has a 4300mAh battery that allows them to sweep and mop comfortably into a 200-square-foot home, and when it finishes shipping, returns to the charging station alone to recharge its batteries, and is ready for the next ride. Of course, you have the ability to add voice commands via Alexa and Google Home to order from CANAPE! The future is now.

Where To Buy

Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Pre-Order at Gearbest For Just at $219.99. This is a new arrival so the price is low, Click the following button for order now:

Coupon Code: ALFAV10MAX

Buy Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner Just at $219.99


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