Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer Review, Price and specifications

3D printers are rolling the game with extensive features over the traditional printing machines. Desktop printers are needed at homes or offices to work on paper, but 3D printers use independent equipment to draw objects and commodities. Therefore, in the 3D printer’s community, Alfawise is again there with its next machine Alfawise U30 Pro.

alfawise u30 pro

The Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer is the latest production in the line-up to provide cheap and compact size option to users. Further, it is a state-of-the-art portable 3D printer that meets well with the goals of printing 3D objects accurately and with high precision.

If we look closely, the Alfawise U30 Pro Printer is mostly an extension of its predecessor the Alfawise U20. It has created a buzz in the printing world.

Furthermore, the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer adopts some complexities along with straightforward design, user-friendly options, and ideal tool for professionals and beginners. The machine carries an ultra-quiet TMC2208 stepper motor installation and a filament run-out protection power for successful printing.

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alfawise u30 pro

Moreover, the Alfawise U30 Pro contains a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen with an optimized user interface. Similarly, it comes with an aluminum alloy extrusion frame material and platform board. The printer can create an object with the maximum size of 220x220x250mm.

The 3D printer can work at 120m/s speed with a material diameter of 1.75mm. Along with, it doesn’t come in assembled design. Users need to assemble it for themselves. It is an easy and fair process.

For offline printing, the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer supports a TF card reader. The supportable systems are the Windows, Mac, and Linux etc.

Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer Review: Features and Specifications

The printer’s industry is propelling to mark-up on the 3D printers with the advancement in technology. Accordingly, Alfawise takes further step after their success with U20.

Now, in this section, we will go through a thorough study to probe various elements of the Alfawise U30 Pro. It needs to dig deep to take out the positives and negatives of the machines before paying hard earned money to the vendors.

alfawise u30 pro

So, without wasting time anymore, let’s move ahead with the goal of filtering each aspect of the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer.

Colour and Design

In this review article, we will start from the external appearance and design of the Alfawise U30 Pro. Admittedly, the printer adopts a tiny size and compact design to reserve a small space in home or office.

The Black-coloured body is made of an aluminum alloy stuff along with ABS, PLA supporting material. Further, the physique of the machine a 4.3-inch touchscreen on the front side and a filament roller on the top.

The company provides the latest open source Marlin Firmware for an overall approach. For the purpose, it adopts a TMC 2208 motor and 1.75 material diameter.

The clean, simple and steady design helps to accord enhanced prints every time. The stability contributes a lot to the precision job by the machine.

Accordingly, the XY-Axis and Z-Axis positioning accuracy are 0.0125mm and 0.00125mm respectively. The nozzle diameter is 0.4m.

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alfawise u30 pro

Collectively, it can work at the printing speed of 120mm/s with a product size of 220x220x250mm.

Taking the physical dimensions and weight of the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer into account, they are 42.50 x 40.20 x 50.50 cm and 7.9kg respectively.


The power behind the functioning of the Alfawise U30 Pro Printer lies in its powerful and robust motor drive. The printer installs a TMC 2208 stepper noiseless motor to make the prints less shaky. Ultimately, it will serve you with much better printing results in the form of images, characters etc.

With the introduction of the TMC2208 motor, users are liable to get two important benefits. First, it generates much less noise as compared to the previous Alfawise versions. It means you can efficiently operate it at homes or offices to handle big projects. It will not disturb your family members or co-workers at all.

Similarly, if you got big printing projects in bulk, you can leave the printing machine working throughout the night and go back to bed. Machine will work automatically without noise to complete your project efficiently.

Secondly, the TMC2208 motor also ensures dual-safety features. They are power outage protection and filament run-out protection.

Therefore, the Alfawise U30 Pro 3D Printer confirms reliable and smooth printing operations with noise-less motor and other inside tools.


Like smartwatches and robotic equipment, the U30 Pro Printer contains an LCD touchscreen to display real-time working data. It is a 4.3-inch screen (with 480x272p resolution) really helpful to organise the whole process with pre-planning approach.

You can calculate that this screen is 53% bigger in size than that of the previous model U30. Therefore, it holds a big space to showcase the data and efficient navigation experience.

The screen is capable of showing more information because of its vertical size. Ultimately, it prevents the scrolling process to enhance the performance and saving time by the way.

Most importantly, the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer will not allow you to remember the data and files you want to print. While printing in offline mode, you can insert a TF card and the screen will show your drive name with file list. Click on the file you want to print and adjust the required commands.

Updated User Interface

Well, it is crucial to see the upgraded version of the user interface to find out the hidden possibilities. While performing the operations, the Alfawise U30 Pro comes with a simple and easy-to-handle interface and attributes.

Users also need quick and sharp modules to work on the Heavier printing processes. The updated version ensures simpler and intuitive things and very similar to that of a smartphone.

Assembling Process

As the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer ships in an ordinary box with dispersed parts. Like Anet A6 and A8, it is not unassembled wholly. Nonetheless, around 50% of the body is pre-assembled and you need to complete the rest by yourself.

Further, the Alfawise U30 Pro comes with a DIY kit to perform the assembling at home. Well, it is not on overwhelming process and can easily be performed without expertise.

From the company, you will get a base along with the power supply and a mainboard already wired. This is the complicated part of the assembling process.

Before starting assembling, you need to go through the standard guidelines. It is a guide in simple language and short instructions and suitable pictures.

Safety Measures

Accordingly, the company has also arranged for substantial safety measures. It provides the U30 Pro Printer with two major safety assignments.

Firstly, there is a filament run-out protection to save your time intelligently. How? It will tell you well in advance that your filament is about to finish and stops working. Most of the 3D printers lack this feature and cause loss to the half-done prints. Further, your model can also be damaged when it works without filament in its place.

alfawise u30 pro

Secondly, the Alfawise U30 Pro 3D Printer has a power outage protection technology to prevent loses. When power supply suddenly goes down, the outage protection will act and prevents shortcut damages and ensures the machine will resume the work after the supply restoration.

Technical Features

Going technically, there are numerous prospects embedded on the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer. The DIY printing 3D machine comes in a lightweight and compact design to save space in homes or offices.

Moving further, the Alfawise U30 Pro has a single nozzle system with a diameter of 0.4mm. Also, it maintains the nozzle temperature from the room temperature to 250-degree and platform temp. up to 100-degree.

Talking about the product size, then it can produce the output up to the maximum size of 220x220x250mm along with a speed of 120mm/s and layer thickness of 0.1-0.4mm. The printer allows you to use a TF card to print offline.

Further, the U30 Pro Printer supports English language and various file formats like OBJ, STL, and G-Code etc.

On the software, it can use the Windows, Linux, and the MAC OS. It uses Cura Repetier-host computer software to perform the functions. Similarly, the printer is a holder of various certificates like CE, FC, and Rosh etc.

Considering power usage, it will work on 24V power strength with 15000 current mA.


Well, the price factor is pocket-friendly as the Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer is available for $219.99 on the Gearbest store after a 12% discount. You can click the link below to buy now:


No doubt, the Alfawise U30 Pro Printer has earned a name in a short period of time because of its stellar features.

The printing accuracy is remarkable and the compact design will let the buyers consider it. If you are hunting for a reliable 3D printer for home or office use, the Alfawise U30 Pro can be a must-go option.

Although the machine comes in unassembled mode, it is quite easy to perform assembling at home. Overall, it is a worthy choice for 3D printing.



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