Alfawise U20: A Breakthrough In 3D Printing, No Challenge For Beginners For A Pocket Friendly Price

As a newly-designed desktop 3D printer, Alfawise U20 has gained huge popularity in the market over the past 2 months. Any beginner will be glad to have it because no expertise is needed to get started. Both assembly and operation are greatly simplified.

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Those who choose 3D printer kits know clearly that the assembly is time-consuming, keeping you occupied for several hours. However, this is not the case with Alfawise U20. How long does it take to assemble Alfawise U20? Just 5 minutes! How many parts are to be put together? Only three modules! Firstly, place the Z gantry on the build platform after unboxing, and use the screws to fasten it. Secondly, connect the wires according to the tag at the end of them. At last, put the filament spool on the holder. Now, everything is ready!

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Characterized by full color touchscreen, the controller of Alfawise U20 functions as a microcomputer. You do not need to spin a rotary button, scan through the text menu carefully, and push down the button to select. Thanks to the icons, the user interface is much more concise. Access to what you need directly, quickly finish leveling, select the files, pause or cancel printing, adjust the temperature of nozzle and heat bed, control the movement of different axles, the extruder, cooling fan… In addition, it is unnecessary to keep your computer operating for tens of hours after modeling. Shut it down, print from the SD card, i.e. just insert the SD card into the controller, start your project, and leave the rest to Alfawise U20.

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Alfawise U20 stands out as one of the best choices among desktop 3D printers, featuring 5-minute assembly, intuitive UI, and convenient offline printing function. Effortlessly build exciting 3D models right from the beginning and enjoy DIY! Check out the specification table below

specification comparison Alfawise u20 Cr 10  Geeetech A30 JGAURORA A3S
Frame material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Aluminum Metal
Build Volume (mm) 300 x 300 x 400mm 300 x 300 x 400mm  320 x 320 x 420mm 205 x 205 x 205mm
touch Screen 2.8” full color touchscreen no 3.2” full color touchscreen 2.8” full color touchscreen
supprted Materials  ABS, PLA, TPU, PP, PVA, wood filled nylon  ABS, PLA, TPU, PP, PVA, wood filled nylon  ABS, PLA, TPU, PP, PVA, wood filled nylon  ABS, PLA, TPU, PP, PVA, wood filled nylon
Connectivity SD card,USB SD card,USB SD card,USB SD card,USB
Printing Speed 80-150mm / s 80-150mm / s  80 – 110mm/s 10 – 150mm/s
Filament run-out protection yes no yes yes
power outage recovery yes no yes yes
Wi-Fi connection no no yes no
Auto-Leveling yes no yes yes
Assemble time Easy to assemble within 5 minutes about 1 hour Easy to assemble within 5 minutes Easy to assemble within 5 minutes
price $299.99 $389.99  $399.99 299.99

Where To Buy The Alfawise U20 300 x 300 x 400mm 3D printer

The Alfawise U20 300 x 300 x 400mm 3D printer is currently available on Gearbest for $279.99 using the Coupon Code: GB-$20OFF. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE. Click the link below to get this exceptional product.



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