Alfawise T1 Sport Smart Watch Review

HD Display and with Unique Features

Smartwatches have been around us for quite sometime now, but people have not felt the need of having a smart watch while they already have a smart phone with them. But with time this concept has changed. People are now very curious of smart watches as they have now developed & became an essential for the consumers. Smart watches have made our life more easier bringing new technologies every day. So, brand electronics are working day & night to make our smart watch experience better. Alfawise is not far from that. The Alfawise T1 is a very cool smart watch for the consumers. It has a lot of features that will bring surprise to your minds.

Alfawise T1 Review

The Alfawise T1 is a sport smart watch which comes with a lot of features that will impress you for sure. Now let’s get to know about this device and its features.

Operating System

The Alfawise T1 has an Android operating system. It has an Android 4.4 installed. It can also be accessed through IOS. More specifically IOS 8.0 or higher.

Sports Activists

At the introduction of the review it is mentioned that Alfawise T1 is a sport smart watch. So, it has a lot of irresistible features best used in sports. It tracks your sports activities. Let’s see its main features in this segment

  • Pedometer: The Alfawise T1 has a pedometer installed. So, it can monitor the steps taken by the user and display them along with the calories burned.
  • Counting Distance: This device can measure the distance the user has moved. This is very useful for the people who go for marathons for jogging.
  • Calorie Data: The Alfawise T1 keeps tracks of your calories. So, it can give you a complete outlook of how much calorie is spent and how much should I burn or if I have gained a bit too much calorie. For a health enthusiast and a sport person to keep body fit calorie counting is very much important.
  • Sports Lasting: The Alfawise T1 has a feature of sport lasting time. This is very useful in events of sports. It helps keep track to how much time is spent.

Health Savior

The Alfawise T1 has a special contribution in the user’s health. It can monitor your health with a lot of features. Let’s see the health-related features.

  • Heart Rate: The Alfawise T1 can monitor your heart rate and display it. This a very significant feature as often we see that instant heart rate can be very helpful detecting instant heart strokes or pain. The heart rate sensor is PD70 – 01C – TR7
  • Blood Pressure: Every person has a steady blood pressure. But a little up & down of the blood pressure, our whole heath takes a toll. So, monitoring the blood pressure constantly is very important, especially for the pressure patients. The Alfawise T1 constantly monitors your blood pressure.
  • Monitoring Activities: Sometimes we over do things. Sometimes we tend to sit a lot or we walk to much which results to fatigue. The Alfawise T1 monitors these activities and warns us that we should walk right now or take a break from walking.

Sleep Analyzer

The Alfawise T1 has a very fascinating feature which is its sleep data analysis. It can monitor our sleep and give us feedback on how we should improve our sleep or weather we are over sleeping. It analyzes deep sleep, night sleep & even night walking. It gives us the data back showing us the causes to our irregularities of sleep and gives up advice on how to cope up with irregularities.

Staying Connected

The Alfawise T1 has Bluetooth version 4.0. So, it can easily sync with all the apps in the smart phone via Bluetooth. The users can easily connect phone message, facebook, whatsapp, email & other notifications. So, the users can stay connected even when they are busy doing exercises.

Women Health Specialist

The Alfawise T1 monitors the women health very efficiently. It has a built in female psychological cycle function. This function records the female psychological cycle. It even warns safe period, menstrual period & ovulation period.

GPS Tracking

After getting connected with the smartphone, the Alfawise T1 can track position through GPS. It can see the distance covers by me in the area & it even creates a path with it.

Battery Life & Charging Time

The Alfawise T1 has a Lithium-ion battery which has a capacity of 240 mAh. It can fully charge in almost 3 hours. Its stand by time is more than 30 days. Working time is 12 days. This smart device has a much lower power consumption than any other. The battery chips work to convert the frequency of the application.



The Alfawise T1 is a very durable smart watch. It is IP67 water prof. So, sweat & rain water won’t cause any effect to the device. The temperature the watch will be active is -10 degree to 50 degree Celsius. So, the watch is very consistent even in vulnerable conditions.

Some Problem

No Built in GPS

The Alfawise T1 has no built in GPS system. The whole GPS system works on the smartphone that is connected via Bluetooth. Without connecting to the smart phone, the watch cannot work. Though the cost is managed that way because of no built in GPS system.


The Alfawise T1 is a wonderful device. The features really make you wonder how a small device can do so many things. It is a full health check up guide. A normal person can easily monitor his daily health through it. The Alfawise T1 can be very handy for sports personnel as they have to monitor the details of time and health very thoroughly & constantly. If anyone is interested in buying a smart watch with a sport feature the Alfawise T1 is one of the best that can be considered. Though it solely depends on the connectivity of the smartphone, it is a heavy contender with other brands of watches. You can totally consider buying this product if you are interested in smart watches.

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