ALFAWISE SM-1518X Dough Machine Stand Mixer now for $119.99

Now ALFAWISE comes with latest kitchen accessory which gives comfort and suitable work to you. The machine is ALFAWISE SM-1518X kitchen kneading machine dough stand mixer which is best for mixing the foods. Now, time to say goodbye to the messy kitchen with this SM-1518X dough machine.

Feature & Specification of ALFAWISE SM-1518X Dough Machine:

This dough machine built with S-shaped hook which easily mix 1.5kg dough within 2 – 3 minutes. The dough machine produces only 72dB noise during work. SM-1518X dough machine prevents from oil leaking, Flour splash and Blackening. Also machine prevent from damage caused by mis-operation. The machine has 1500W pure copper motor provides smooth working. This machine contains removable dust cover which protects from dust and other outer particles. It has tilt-head and LED indicators. The voltage of the machine is 220-240V and connector type is EU plug.

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ALFAWISE SM-1518X Dough Machine


Whisk material of the dough machine is made from metal which gives shiny look to the device. This full metal gear driven mechanism of the machine gives durable and efficient to use. There is a company logo is located on the upper side of the speed regulator. This thoughtful design allows your cooking more enjoyable. Machine has anti-slip silicone feet which gives tight grip to the machine during work. keeps you kitchen tidy and easy to clean.

ALFAWISE SM-1518X Dough Machine

3 kinds of Hooks-

Dough machine equipped with three kinds of hooks that gives various food mixing. First is Dough hook kneads dough, pizza, bread etc, second is Flat beater mixes cookies, salad, mashed potatoes etc and the third is Whisk whips for egg white, cream, sauces etc. These three hooks do your work very easy and save your more time. The hooks are made from 304 stainless steel material.

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ALFAWISE SM-1518X Dough Machine


ALFAWISE SM-1518X dough machine has 6 speed modes + inching functions. According to the food stuff and according to your need you can change the speed of dough machine. There is a regulator which controls the speed and speed regulator is located on the front right side of the machine.


The machine bowl has 5.5L capacity which is best for food mixing equally. This large capacity bowl is easy to clean and provide comfort to the food. At one time you can mix more food items in this large bowl for mixing.

You can buy ALFAWISE SM-1518X Kitchen dough machine stand mixer from online websites.


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