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Alfawise S70 Vacuum Window Cleaner for $119.99 only

The Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner is a smart device that allows you to clean your windows faster and more safely. This AI-enabled cleaner auto identifies windows and finishes cleaning 300 times faster than manual labor. Made of ABS plastic, this vacuum cleaner is small and compact. It weighs just 1.1 kg and measures 29.00 x 14.20 x 11.50 cm / 11.42 x 5.59 x 4.53 inches in size.

Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner

Smart Cleaning

With this smart cleaner, you do not have to hire labor to clean your glass windows. Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner can auto-detect windows, automatically set a Z route and finish the cleaning in no time. The AI-enabled cleaner can detect obstacles and finish cleaning one square meter in 3 seconds. It comes with a 5.5-meter long safety rope that helps it reach every nook and corner.

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Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner

Cleaning Modes

You can select from three cleaning modes on this device -Up-down, left-down and right-down. The surface of the cleaner has a fluffy microfiber cloth which helps the cleaner keep windows squeaky clean. This microfiber cloth can easily be detached for cleaning. Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner is fitted over a power vacuum cleaner that creates a suction of 2800Pa. Together with the vacuum cleaner, this cloth cleans surfaces by trapping dust particles and cleaning surfaces without leaving traces.

Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner

Horizontal Surfaces Cleaning

You might wonder how this device can function over windows in high rise buildings. This cleaner is suitable for all kinds of windows and doors. It works on even horizontal surfaces. The UPS system of the cleaner prevents it from falling during a power failure. In addition, the 150 KGF safety rope on the cleaner further ensures that it does not fall down.

Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner

Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner

Remote Control

The Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner comes with a remote control that allows you to access and control the cleaner from a distance. You can switch the cleaning modes and set the direction of cleaning from a distance with this remote control

Alfawise S70 vacuum window cleaner deal

This cleaner is a smart option for those who hire manual labor for window cleaning. It is cost-effective and safer.

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