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Independent of execution, it’s hard to deny that Alfawise S70 is a cool idea. This robot was clearly made with a design intended to be used outdoors. And similar to an automatic vacuum cleaner, it’s supposed to take the best route around messy areas while cleaning. That means it’s able to use a built-in pressure sensor to help determine where it can travel, and so where it needs to travel.

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Buy Alfawise S70 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $124.99


The S70 Robotic Window Cleaner measures roughly 11.4 x 5.6 x 4.5 inches, making it about the size of five smartphones stacked side by side. And it weighs about 2.4lbs, making it quite easy to lift and stick against most windows. Relative to the kind of cleaning power inside, that’s actually pretty lightweight.

Most of the unit is made from ABS plastic. It’s a pretty simple material, but it’s generally resistant in the ways that it needs to be. That includes some pretty good shock-resistance qualities and excellent heat dissipation. Though notably, you don’t want to use most cleaning solutions on ABS, especially solutions based on alcohol. So if the outside of the S70 gets dirty, you’d want to wipe it down with water and dish soap. If you used a harsher cleaning solution, you’d end up scarring the plastic pretty badly.


The S70 draws 80-watts of power, which is quite a lot for such a little device. It takes about an hour to recharge, but only about 30 minutes for you to empty the battery during operation. Inside the cleaner, you’ll find a 650mAh lithium-ion battery. That sounds like a modest capacity, but the output voltage is 24V at 3.75A current. In other words, it seems like a smaller battery because it’s blowing through power at a fairly impressive rate.

With the safety cable locked into place, you don’t have to worry about falling. The safety rope is supposed to be able to withstand around 150 kilograms of force, and the weight of this unit is around one kilogram. So basically, the rope is gross overkill. Inside, the Alfawise S70 is powered with a 2800Pa vacuum. That kind of suction power allows the S70 to stay tightly pressed against the glass without much risk of falling free.

It also allows for a much greater and deeper clean. That suction is equally critical for getting deep cleaning on windows because the increased friction it allows for helps give the S70 a powerful cleaning effect after a single pass. Though the machine does default to taking two passes over your windows, just to make sure everything is spotless.

In addition to letting the machine figure out things for itself, it’s possible to access the Alfawise S70 using an included remote control. The remote lets you move between cleaning modes or even control the direction of the S70 manually. Manual control works pretty much like controlling a remote control car.

Verdict & Buy

It is a good idea for you? Well, it partially depends on your circumstances, especially the size and quantity of windows you’re interested in maintaining. Alfawise S70 Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Gearbest For Just at $124.99 on sale. Click the following Button For order now:

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Buy Alfawise S70 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $124.99

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