Alfawise RST2056 Sonic Electric Toothbrush now available for $17.59

Alfawise RST2056 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush has been carefully designed to improve the dental health for most people. It provides ultimate cleaning and whitening effects on your teeth. Sonic Vibrating Up To 40000 Strokes Per Minute which removes the plaques and stains keeping your teeth clean. The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush comes with 3 brush heads, it is very convenient, healthy and easy for you to replace.

The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush goes deep into the teeth and massage the gums. This tootbrush is designed with DuPont nylon bristle material, soft and comfortable together with 4 working modes namely, Clean / Soft / Whiten / Massage. It give scientific and professional experience , meeting different needs. The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush  comes with three brush heads that provides dental care for your whole family with one RST2056 toothbrush can be shared by three members by switching different brush heads.

This toothbrush has IPX7 waterproof feature so you don’t need to be afraid of water. This will interest you to know that water will not enter into the toothbrush, even if it stays 1m underwater for less than 30 minutes. It is safe to be put in any wet places, like the bathroom, on a sink.

The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush has built-in 650mAh Li-ion battery so you do t have to worry, stick to your daily routine, brush teeth twice a day, and Alfawise RST2056 can serve you for 15 days in a row. When the battery runs low, the red LED will turn on reminding you to charge it.  Built-in 650mAh Li-ion battery can serve for 15 days for regular use.

Where to buy the Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush

The Alfawise RST2056 Electric Toothbrush is currently available on gearbest for $17.59.



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