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Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that works for you and you don’t have to make any effort? The robot vacuum cleaner Lefant T700 Vacuum Cleaner will then be the definitive device you need for your home since you will be surprised to see everything that it is capable of doing, and above all, of its great price.

Buy Lefant T700 Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner For Just $219.99


Rubberized casters that roll easily over carpets and ledges without being trapped. Slim design that can fit into narrow spaces such as under-bed or sofa space. Ultra-efficient route with reduced electricity consumption. A configured program that can save approximately 200 hours per year. Now you can spend less time sweeping and scouring and more with your beloved ones.


Tranquility assured even during the operation at maximum power. The HEPA filter that prevents the spread of microscopic allergens in the air. Mops without leaving any puddles or other hazards for children and the elderly. Choose your favorite suction power. Start and plan cleaning anytime, anywhere. It’s up to you to choose using the remote control and the iOS / Android mobile app. Zero traces on the floor, whether wood, linoleum or tile. Anti-collision sensors against bumping or scratching furniture. 1800Pa suction pressure to pick up animal hair, dust, and allergens. Battery life up to 120 minutes after a single charge to clean the entire apartment. Optimized suction and battery performance with 3 power options. This cleaning mode is used to order our robot device to work in a certain area for a period longer than it usually does.

Once you have finished cleaning that surface, you will continue working naturally for the rest of the house. This last mode will focus on cleaning more sharply the edges that you find on your way through the house. Older vacuum cleaners lack this resource and do not manage to clean the corners and edges of the house, but thanks to the technology that the Lefant T700 incorporates, this will already be past water.  Simply press the “clean” button and the robotic vacuum cleaner will do the rest of the work.

Once you have finished cleaning the house or office, or you have less than 20% battery left, you will start looking for your charging base to be recharged. The Lefant T700 robot vacuum cleaner has an anti-collision and anti-fall sensor to prevent damage to furniture and falls from the stairs. Thanks to its maximum height of 8.3 cm you can scrub and vacuum under furniture, tables, and beds.

Where To Shop

Lefant T700 Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Geaarbest For Just at $219.99 on Black Friday Sale. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Lefant T700 Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner For Just $219.99


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