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Today I am here with a speaker, not like a traditional one. This is Alfawise Q3 mini and its main specialty is it’s a portable mini wireless speaker. If you are looking for a wireless speaker with better quality, this is a perfect option for you. Moreover, it has been designed with lots of exciting features and it has a cool and attractive  appearance. In this article i am gonna discuss about Alfawise Q3 Mini in details. So, follow me if you want to get a detailed Alfawise Q3 Mini review.

Alfawise Q3 Mini reviewAlfawise Q3 Mini review

From my personal experience, its performance seemed excellent to me. It’s design and appearance is simple and smooth. Moreover, the exciting features have made it more easy to use and user friendly. Let’s go in deep and see Alfawise Q3 Mini review in details one by one.

Design And Appearance

Alfawise Q3 Mini has been designed so properly and everything seemed perfect to me. Its surfaces are designed smoothly. The control buttons like volume up/down and the connectivity ports like audio input port and DC power input ports are nicely placed on the lower surface.

As i said before it’s a portable speaker. It’s a light-weighted speaker and its weight is only 141 g. It’s small in size and its dimension is 7.50 x 7.50 x 4.00 cm

(Lx W x H).  See, you can easily carry it within your backpack. Moreover, it has built-in blue breathing LEDs which ensures cool and amazing atmosphere when you are enjoying music in Alfawise Q3 Mini.

Alfawise has tried to keep their design and appearance simple as much as possible. There is nothing negative to tell about its design and appearance. Its cool and attractive appearance will amuse you certainly.

The Hardware

Alfawise Q3 Mini has been designed smoothly and ensures the physical durability. It uses solid alloy case which made Alfawise Q3 Mini more exquisite and durable. It has anti slip silicone pad which reduces the resonance made by the musical vibration. It prevents Alfawise Q3 Mini from any unwanted situation and ensures the best performance.

It has 40 mm big size driver unit. It provides 2x extra bass with powerful and clear sound. This updated and powerful driver unit ensures the best experience with Alfawise Q3 Mini.

It has powerful 400 mAh built-in Li-ion battery. It takes about 1 hour to be fully charged. You can use it around 3 hours when it is fully charged. It will be remained charged until 20 days if you don’t use it.

Its small size with small weight ensures you to carry it in a more comfortable way. Alfawise tried to ensure the best quality with the convenient size.

Connectivity ports and connections

Alfawise Q3 Mini has both wireless and wired connection. It uses powerful advanced technology for wireless connection. It has Bluetooth 4.2. This is amazing. Bluetooth 4.2 is 250% faster and it can transmit 10 times more data than Bluetooth 4.1. It can transmit and connect devices within 10 meters. Alfawise Q3 Mini will provide you a stable, reliable and noise free connection with Bluetooth 4.2. You will enjoy a smooth music session with no delay and no disruption with Alfawise Q3 Mini.

It has wired connection as well. You can use its 3 mm audio cable for wired connection with various electronic devices.

It has a micro USB port and TF card port. You can use micro SD card to play music directly via TF card port. It supports up to 32GB micro SD cards.

Alfawise Q3 Mini has high configured wireless and wired connection with rich connectivity interface. It will provide you a great experience with its advanced and faster network connections for sure.

Compatible with various types of devices

Alfawise Q3 Mini is offering to use it with various types of devices. You can use it for your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. It has designed for heavy usage and you can enjoy music anywhere with Alfawise Q3 Mini. Moreover, it supports plug and play and you can use micro SD card to play music. Its high configures wireless and wired connection let you play music from different types of devices in a more comfortable way.

Built in HiFi microphone

Here comes the interesting one. You can enjoy hands free communication with Alfawise Q3 mini. It has built in HiFi microphone for hands free call. This built in microphone is updated and powerful. It can pick your voice more precisely. So, if you want to be connected to speaker while talking over phone, this is a perfect choice for you. You can use it without any hesitation and it will give a smooth experience.

Why to choose Alfawise Q3 Mini?

If you are looking for a portable wireless speaker, Alfawise Q3 Mini will be a better option for you surely. Its clear and bright sound quality with advance technology and upgraded driver will ensure a good experience with Alfawise Q3 Mini. Its small size with smooth design made it a portable one practically. Its powerful hardware configuration with advanced and faster wireless and wired connection will amuse you for sure. Moreover, you can use it with lots of devices and finally, I want to tell you will find it great.


You have already known every facts about Alfawise Q3 Mini. From my personal experience and as per users opinions, Alfawise Q3 Mini is not only rich with its advanced hardware and network technologies but also it provides a satisfactory performance. If i had to write down Alfawise Q3 Mini review in one line now and it would be like Alfawise Q3 Mini is a better option if you are searching for a speaker like this type. It’s simple with incredible design and performance.

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