Alfawise Q3 Mini Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Offers For $8.99 at Gearbest

Alfawise has already released a large number of high-level audio accessories, such as Alfawise W1 Headphones, but also of the Alfawise B7 Pro, a high-quality smart band in affordable price. They had also launched a wireless speaker that used Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone, and now they have presented a new version of that speaker, a new Alfawise Q3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker that comes with a sleek and stylish design, this speakers is the sheer loudness at which they play music as it is more than good enough to get the party vibes going in a room. Fortunately, it is currently offered in a flash sale on Gearbest for just $8.99.

Buy Alfawise Q3 Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker From Gearbest

Alfawise Q3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker is small in size. Its dimension is 7.50 x 7.50 x 4.00 cm and weight is only 141 grams. So we can easily carry it within your backpack. Alfawise Q3 Mini uses solid alloy case which made it more exquisite and durable. Alfawise Q3 Mini features a blue breathing LEDs which ensures cool and amazing atmosphere when you play the music.

Alfawise Q3 Mini has 40mm big size driver unit. It provides 2x extra bass with powerful and clear sound. This updated and powerful driver unit ensures the best experience with Alfawise Q3 Mini. It has an anti-slip silicone pad which reduces the resonance made by the musical vibration. It prevents Alfawise Q3 Mini from any unwanted situation and ensures the best performance.

It has powerful 400 mAh built-in Li-ion battery. It takes about 1 hour to be fully charged. You can use it for around 3 hours when it is fully charged. It will be remained charged until 20 days if you don’t use it.

Alfawise Q3 Mini has Bluetooth 4.2 which is 250% faster than Bluetooth 4.1. It can transmit and connect devices within 10 meters. Its Bluetooth 4.2 will provide you a stable, reliable and noise-free connection. So, now you can enjoy a smooth music session with no delay and no disruption. It has also a wired connection that can use its 3mm audio cable for wired connection with various electronic devices.

Thanks to micro USB port and TF card port, Alfawise Q3 Mini can play music directly via TF card port that supports up to 32GB micro SD cards. Alfawise Q3 Mini can work with computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. Due to its small size, so you can enjoy music anywhere.

Alfawise Q3 Mini has a built-in HiFi microphone for the hands-free call. This built-in microphone is updated and powerful. It can pick your voice more precisely. So, if you want to be connected to the speaker while talking over the phone, this is a perfect choice for you. You can use it without any hesitation and it will give a smooth experience.

Buy Alfawise Q3 Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker From Gearbest

Alfawise Q3 Mini is really a good and highly useful for anyone who wants a handy speaker which is easy to carry and can pack a punch with its loudness. Fortunately, Alfawise Q3 Mini is currently offered in a flash sale on Gearbest for just $8.99.


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