[11.11 Sale] Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier For Just $65.99

The Alfawise P2 is a compact, good-looking, highly efficient, gadget-friendly and remotely controlled voice control air purifier. The Alfawise P1 was insanely popular last year and is still a highly sought after air purifier, but the new version has obvious advantages.

Buy Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier For Just $65.99


The Alfawise P2 has a much more sympathetic design, a round shape, and a slightly larger size: 19.50 x 19.50 x 40.30 cm in front of the Alfawise P1 16.00 x 16.00 x 25.00 cm. Also, the Alfawise P2 is slightly heavier and weighs 2.1 kg, while the Alfawise P1 weighs 1.54 kg. Still, these differences are not great and both of these air purifiers are compact. But the Alfawise P2 is much more sympathetic and has a touch-responsive control panel and lights that change according to the room air quality. The Alfawise P1 meanwhile has only one control button. It designs solutions that have already been appreciated by German technicians and designers. It has been awarded the IF 2019 Award for Excellence in Design and truly fits into any home.


This new generation differs from the previous one by its complete control panel as well as its Wifi connectivity. It can be controlled via smartphone compatible with the voice assistant Alexa and Google Home. It has a capacity of 110 meters every 3 hours and is recommended by the manufacturer for a maximum of 20m, ie suitable for one room or smaller space. An inexpensive product is a cheap air purifier that would fill space now with Alfawise’s P2, activated carbon and HEPA filter air purifier, which, of course, even got WiFi control to make our lives easier.

It has three filters, a carbon filter section behind the first layer, followed by a HEPA filter. This gives it a PM2.5 rating, which is capable of filtering airborne contaminants greater than 2.5 microns. One filter is sufficient for 4-6 months. With a noise reduction motor, the air purifier provides a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for you at night.

It generates up to 50 decibels of loud noise during playback for this provides a comfortable and quiet sleep environment for you at night. filter 97% to 99% due to the 3-layer filtration system of non-airborne materials, odor, dust, pollen, organic molecules such as bacteria, etc. It also comes with 3 wind speeds: high /medium/ low grade for your choice to meet your different needs. The rated power is 35W, 0.84 kWh daily consumption which is why it is fairly economical.

Where To Shop

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier is now available on Gearbest For Just at $65.99 on 11.11 Sale. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier For Just $65.99


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