Alfawise I7E ECG Monitor AI Intelligent Analysis Smart Bracelet Offered for $22.99(Coupon)

It is no secret to anyone that smart bracelets have gained significant ground in the wearables sector in recent years. And, unlike smartwatches, they allow us to more accurately monitor our daily physical activity, even under the most extreme weather conditions.

With this in mind, in our analysis/review/review of the Alfawise I7E we will know in depth the benefits of this interesting low-cost smart band, ideal for you who do not have much budget and go on to acquire high-cost alternatives.

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What is the Alfawise I7E for?

If you are looking for an ergonomic and cheap fitness bracelet, which integrates the most used smart functions today, and that synchronizes easily with your smartphone, then the Alfawise I7E  is an excellent purchase option.Specifically, and thanks to its IP68 certification, you can even swim with the bracelet on; while its Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to pair your Android and ios devices, and receive real-time notifications of your social networks, incoming calls and received messages.

For its part, the integrated intelligent sensor This bracelet will be responsible for collecting in real-time information as important for health as blood pressure, heart activity, steps, calories burned and sleep quality, among others.

Design and Panel

An attractive, ergonomic and off-road design

We begin our review of the Alfawise I7E, within an aesthetic section defined by a high-quality zinc alloy construction, which is complemented by a TPU strap, the latter being known for its flexibility and resistance.

And unlike other smart bands, this model goes one step further by having  IP68 certification, an advantage that allows it to resist water ingress, even at depths of up to 1 meter. Also, say that the strap is interchangeable, and currently has variants in the black and yellow bee.

Regarding its dimensions, mention that the box has measures of 1.8 x 2 x 1.2 centimeters, and the strap is about 22 cm long, 2 cm wide and 2 millimeters thick. The total weight is around 19 grams, so you will not notice when wearing it.

0.96-inch panel with touch technology

The Alfawise I7E is committed to a 0.96-inch rectangular screen, which benefits from color TFT technology, a resolution of 180 x 60 pixels and capacitive touch technology to facilitate interaction with the integrated functions.

Also, said panel integrates an ambient light sensor, which allows you to adjust the brightness depending on whether you are in a place with unfavorable lighting conditions or a very well lit area.

Processor, RAM, and Storage

Exceptional performance courtesy of Nordic

At the hardware component level, the Alfawise I7E wristband feeds on the low-consumption chipset, Nordic nRF52840, relying on a discrete 64 MB  RAM and a 64 MB ROM, being more than enough to perform Its intelligent functions with total fluidity.

Main features

The health monitors you need on a daily basis

We advance in this analysis of the Alfawise I7E, knowing the health detectors integrated into detail. The first one will allow you to set a daily meditation routine, monitoring in real-time the rhythm of your breathing when carrying out this practice.

In addition, the typical heart rate sensors are added, to measure your daily heart activity, A pedometer to monitor your burned steps and calories, a blood pressuremeter and a sleep sensor to inform you about the quality, depth, and duration of your hours of rest.

To the above, a sedentary reminder, and a personalized fitness program that will record your progress in performing physical activities as varied as hiking, cycling, running, climbing, tennis, aerobics, basketball, and football, among others.

Multiple integrated telephone functionsIn addition to its health monitors, this bracelet allows you to take advantage of other functions as used today: the  remote camera to capture photos remotely, the function of locating the mobile and receiving notifications from your social networks, text messages received and incoming calls.

Autonomy and Connectivity

How much real autonomy does your battery offer me? 

The autonomy of the Alfawise I7E  benefits from a  lithium polymer battery, whose capacity of  75 mAh, in practice, guarantees a duration of 5 to 7 days of intensive use, that is, with the function of receiving notifications activated and the heart rate sensor on 24 hours a day.

For the rest, say that in the idle mode this figure will be extended up to a maximum of 10 days; while its recharge can be done in about 2-3 hours just by removing the strap and connect the bracelet to any device with USB input.

Connectivity with your devices via Bluetooth

The connectivity of the Alfawise I7E  is summarized in its compatibility with wireless technology, Bluetooth 5.0 , ideal for pairing our Android (+4.4) and iOS (+10.0) devices almost instantly, and check our statistics from the mobile.

Conclusion, opinions of the Alfawise I7E and where to buy it cheaper

We finish our analysis of the Alfawise I7E, summarizing that it is an unbeatable purchase option, not only for its tight price, but also for its wide variety of smart sensors, ergonomic design, water-resistance, and long-lasting autonomy, among other features.

Finally, say that if you have been convinced and want to get the  cheapest Alfawise I7E, you just have to take advantage of this incredible flash offer by GearBest, by clicking on the following link to access the store:

coupon code: GB7E062180


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