Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Rechargeable Cordless offered for $124.65

What are the must-have features that a vacuum cleaner need to have? A perfect Handheld vacuum cleaner should have a rechargeable battery, so you not find yourself tangled in all sort of wire while cleaning. It should have less weight so you can carry it around easily. Moreover, it should also have a large capacity dust bag, so you can clean your heart out, without emptying dust bin very often. The market for handheld, wireless vacuum cleaners is beginning to fill up with various players from the sky. In this article, we are going to tell you about a latest vacuum cleaner from the in-house brand of gearbest the Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner, which promises all sort of features we discussed earlier.

Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner Specifications:

Brush material for the floor: Plastic 
Battery: 6 lithium-ion batteries, each battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh 
Charger: 27V 800 mAh; 
Working time: 25 minutes 
Charging time: 3 hours 4 hours Dust 
collector volume: 0.65l 
Suction: 7000 Pa 
Noise less than 83 dB

Being a global company, the Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner comes with instruction manual in English, even though there is no particular need of that. It also has a plastic stand with a hook that keeps the vacuum cleaner from falling. For recharging the device a hole in the bottom of the handle is provided. Also, you will get a removable battery with the vacuum cleaner. For recharging the kit is a charger with a 1.2-meter cord, which produces 27 V and 800 mA. European plug, no need for adapters.

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Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner Design

The design of Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner is very similar to the vacuum cleaners of famous brands. Everything is made quite carefully. On the top of the handle, there are two buttons, the red button is responsible for disconnecting the pipe, and the gray one is for unscrewing” the compartment with garbage. On the handle part, there is a single button for on/off function of the vacuum cleaner. The handle also comes with rubberized holding that makes the holding of vacuum cleaner quite convenient for cleaning.

Moreover, the garbage can be easily poured out by obliterating the container and opening the lid at the bottom. The capacity of the trash container is 650 milliliters. One thing which is very impressive is the battery charge indicator on the handle. The vacuum cleaner can be used with or without a tube extension.

Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner

We have seen many vacuum cleaners, but there was a common problem of autonomy with all the vacuum cleaners. With the Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner you can atleast forget about the battery problems. The latest vacuum cleaner offers 25 minutes of constant cleaning with a single charge. Recharging the device takes about 4 hours and while recharging it’s not possible to use a vacuum cleaner.

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The Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner copes with all kind of possible dirty work that can accumulate in your home. The latest device is best suitable for local cleaning, something scattered and it will really clean it fast. There are many advantages of the device including battery life, a large container, a turbo brush, and the price. The 3 in 1 brush is also a big plus. For the disadvantages, there are not many only the size of this brush, and little weak suction force. We do not know where the pricing comes from Alfawise, but for $ 124.64 a vacuum cleaner is much more interesting.

Where to buy Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner?

The Alfawise HC-1D03 Vacuum Cleaner is available at gearbest for just $124.64.


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