For music lovers, Alfawise HQB have a special promotion for only $ 16.99

Few things exist more enjoyable than good music, and of course, that would be of this without good devices that manage to offer the best audio quality imaginable, as this is the case of the Alfawise HQB headphones. This is not only a product that can be carried everywhere comfortably, but it is also one of the best options if we talk about wireless devices being able to connect with all kinds of devices without wires.

Alfawise HQB in Gearbest: Design

As already mentioned, it is a product that can be transported very easily, since its dimensions are 7.50 x 5.00 x 2.50 cm and its total weight is only 0.060 kg. It is a high-tech product that has a fairly modern and avant-garde style, having different lights depending on the function you are performing at the moment. The Alfawise HQB comes only in black, but this makes it more elegant and makes the internal lights stand out more.

Alfawise HQB at Gearbest: Specifications

The Alfawise HQB being a device with support for wireless connections, make it one of the best options to choose, but that’s not all, since it not only manages to stand out for its connection capacity but much more. This device works through Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can achieve a connection up to 10 meters away between one device and another, in addition to lower power consumption.

Alfawise HBQ

Its appearance is much more holistic, since it does not have buttons in its design, with this, we mean that it works through the touch system. This is achieved through its LED display which indicates the amount of charge that the headphones have left since it can last up to 120 hours with wireless music playing, thanks to its 1500mAh battery. Another aspect that stands out is its noise cancellation technology, which allows clear calls and clear sound.

As if that were not enough, it has two different modes of use, the first consists of individual sound per headset, while the second is a binaural stereo HD sound. This product has a special promotion made by the Gearbest online store, in which this device costs a total of $ 16.99, of course, for this you must use the following coupon: GB0621Q3280

Buy Alfawise HQB on Gearbest

Coupon: GB0621Q3280

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