Alfawise F528A Wet And Dry Rechargeable Mopping Robot for Cleaning Hardwood Floor Offered For $85.99

The Alfawise F528A Wet And Dry Rechargeable Mopping Robot is an amazing cleaner that can do multiple kinds of cleaner. With the F528A of Alfawise you work wirelessly, thoroughly and quickly. With this electric mop, the engine takes over the tedious part of the job.

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The Alfawise F528A Wet And Dry Rechargeable Mopping Robot weight is only 3.2 kg and in addition to tile and wooden floors, you can also clean large windows. However, there are limits for windows, because in the corners you have to continue to work by hand and wipe them by hand in the last step over it. The handle sits in the switch and the style (which is strongly reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner tube) can be adjusted in length exactly to your body size, allowing comfortable and back-friendly working. There is a movable joint on the device and therefore it is also possible to wipe under the couch and armchair without having to move the furniture (the housing of the F528A is only about 8.5 cm high).

The Alfawise F528A can thoroughly clean about 50-100 m² of floor space in five minutes, so you can clean 10 to 20 square meters of floor space in one minute (depending on the degree of soiling). The rotating discs operate at 220 to 250 rpm. The built-in battery lasts about 30-40 minutes at a time and fully charged after about 2 hours. Front of the cleaner sits a LED lighting and helps you to find all the spots. How far you can get with the 220ml water tank, unfortunately, I do not know, but he is quickly filled under the tap. The good thing about this construction is that the two rotating discs rotate inwards and really clean effectively and do not spill anything.

Where To Buy The Alfawise F528A robot cleaner

The Alfawise F528A cleaning robot is currently available on Gearbest for $89.99



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