Grab The Alfawise C10 CNC Engraving Machine With ER11 2500mW Laser For Just $22.99(Coupon)

Latest Alfawise C10 is a capable and inexpensive CNC engraver and cutter that can find its place in any home workshop. This device allows precise cutting of plastic or wood and laser engraving any designs uploaded from a PC. Simple to use and cheap, it is an interesting alternative for 3D printers. See why we recommend it and take a look at its capabilities.

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 Alfawise C10

Engraving Capabilities

Alfawise C10 is actually a two-in-one device: it can engrave or cut, depending on whether you mount a laser or cutting knife. It is a high-precision digital machine tool with a stable, though light, aluminum frame. In the box you will find 10 knives for cutting materials, and optionally you can also buy a 2500 mW laser, allowing you to engrave in a wood, plastic, PVC or similar materials.

The laser power and spindle drive motors are not sufficent to cut and burn through aluminum or steel, but it works great with plastic and MDF boards. The working area 30cm x 18cm x 4cm is large, and if you need bigger areas, you can combine several engraved plates, with glue, nails or screws.

 Alfawise C10

Assembly and control

The assembly is uncomplicated and it should take you no more than half an hour. All you have to do is screw parts with bolts and nuts and plug the cables. All necessary tools can be found in the packaging. You do not need any technical knowledge or skills to do this, and even yo won’t need any special equipment either.

Operation also couldn’t be easier. The Benbox / GRBL software included on the disc is OpenSource and can be used both on Windows and on Linux. All you have to do is to connect the device to the computer via USB, load the vector pattern and run the engraving / cutting. You can download vector patterns from the Internet or just create them yourself. The sky (or maybe your creativity) is the limit!

One thing worth remembering is the safety and careful handling of the laser and knives. For burning in plastic and PVC, it is good to have proper room ventilation, because burning process can release toxic fumes.

 Alfawise C10


Because this cutting machine is rather small and takes up as much space as the printer, you can easily place it on your desk at home. Its applications are innumerable and it will be useful to you both at work and in your hobby. Here are some examples of Alfawise C10 applications:

  • Interior decoration: making ads and logos out of MDF or plastic, advertising elements in stores and premises
  • Handicraft: designing jewelry, decorations, decor items
  • Model making: creating architectural models, machines
  • Advertising: making advertising gadgets, prototypes before mass production

In conclusion

Alfawise C10 is a cost-effective alternative to 3D printers, enabling easy CNC engraving and cutting, and costing only a fraction of the industrial machine. Simple operation and uncomplicated assembly make even young hobbyists successfully use it in school projects and learn a lot in the process. On the other hand, excellent precision and solid construction will also appeal to professionals that can use it at work. See the assembly video above and buy it now on Gearbest!

Where to buy?

Alfawise C10 is available on Gearbest for $235.99 (with the laser) using coupon code: GBCNC10WA Promotion ends March 18th, co shop now to get the discount!

coupon code: GBCNC10WA



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