Alfawise C20 500mw All Metal Laser Engraving Machine for just $399.99

The AlfawiseC20 CNC Engraving Machine is made up of full metal body with a stable frame and less vibration configuration. The user will get high-precision graving experience with both laser and CNC support.

The machine has an engraving area of 12.6×8.8×3.8 cm to create super-quality objects. It can deal with multiple engraving materials like Aluminum, copper, PCB blank, wood, acrylic PVC, and many other soft metals. Moreover, the easy and compact size allows placing it anywhere in your home with less space usage.

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Features and Specifications:

Dual-Support Nature

The Alfawise C20 NC Engraving Machine is compatible with dual-mode working-CNC and Laser. Therefore, you are allowed to use it as per your preferences to design the objects of different shapes. The high-quality craftsmanship is ensured with 500mw laser power, 445nm – 450nm laser wavelength and GRBL software installations.

Alfawise C20

Full Metal Body

Aluminum alloy is drafted to design strong full metal body with hard edges and other components. The Alfawise is looking to deliver super performance with T8 silk pole and 24V main axis spindle motor. Moreover, the CNC machine will also ensure stable and vibration-less functionality. The Silver and Red color combination give it a great outlook from each angle.

Easy Assembling Process

It is quite simple and easy to interconnect the parts of Alfawise C20 CNC Engraving Machine. You can easily manage the things to bind up the machine at your home without acquiring any specialty in the process.

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Alfawise C20

Operating System

The Alfawise C20 CNC Engraving Machine uses computer system applications on the multiple operating system options. It can support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux to perform the engraving operations. Hence, you are free to use your installed operating system and convert your imagination into reality.

Multiple Metals Support for Engraving

You have various metal options to design your tools with. The Alfawise C20 CNC Engraving Machine can work on several metals like Aluminum, Copper, PCB Blank, Wood, Acrylic, PVC, and many other soft metals. Therefore, the machine is not configured to only a single or two metals providing you a great relief ultimately.

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Alfawise C20

Machine Dimensions

The physical structure of the Alfawise C20 CNC Engraving Machine is measured at 11.06 x 11.06 x 11.34 inches. In addition, the weight of the machine is 8 kg and its engraving area is 12.6×8.8×3.8 cm.


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