Alfawise C10 CNC Engraving Machine now offered for $169.99

The aluminum alloy material made Alfawise C10 CNC Engraving Machine is used to engrave various types of metals like PCB, plastic, wood, PVC, acrylic and many others. The machine works in dual-modes- spindle mode and laser mode. Both the modes can be assessable and manageable by software on your PC. If you choose laser mode to buy, you will get a set of safety goggles in addition.

Moreover, a 2500MW laser can inscribe and carve with a more realistic approach. Similarly, spindle includes ER11 cutters for physical cutting. The AlfawiseC10 CNC Engraving Machine cannot engrave the hard metals like steel, brass, iron etc.

Therefore, the Alfawise C10 CNC is an automatic machine based on computer software programs. You can easily handle it at home and draw your imagination on the metals.

Laser and Spindle Mode

The C10 CNC Engraving Machine can easily work with both tools-spindle and laser. Spindle uses the ER11 cutters to cut the metals physically and develop the desired design. Similarly, the laser module includes 2500MW to perform the operations smoothly. The laser and spindles are very easy to replace and anybody can do this task without expertise help.

Multi-Metal Support

So, you never need to worry about the type of metal you are working on. The AlfawiseC10 CNC Engraving Machine can easily work on some soft texture metals like wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, plastic and the like.

It can smoothly embed the needle to draw the desired picture on the metal. Therefore, you can preview the object on the computer screen before making it in the actual practice. You need to avoid some hard texture materials like steel, iron, and brass etc.

Body Dimensions

The C10 CNC Engraving Machine is made up of pure aluminum alloy metal material with working area size of 30x18x04 cm. Furthermore, the machine size is 33x40x24 cm along with 7.3 kg of weight. The machine comes in Silver color and requires the power supply DC 24V 5.6A. 

Software Support

As the Alfawise C10 CNC Engraving Machine works on dual platforms, it uses two different types of software- GRBL for spindle and Benbox for laser operations.

Similarly, the machine is compatible with Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, and Linux. Hence, you have multiple operating platform options to operate the machine via a computer system.

Where to buy:

The C10 CNC Engraving Machine is available for $169.99 after 6% discount on Gearbest. So, rush to click below and order now:



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